Author Topic: Brit & German Beaten-up at Beer Bar Complex  (Read 738 times)

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Brit & German Beaten-up at Beer Bar Complex
« on: March 04, 2016, 11:51:05 AM »
Brit & German Beaten-up at Central Pattaya Beer Bar Complex

In the early hours of Thursday, two Foreigners reported being assaulted in two separate incidents at a Pattaya Beer Bar Complex.

The two incidents occurred at the Pattaya New Plaza Beer Bar Complex located off Soi Buakao and resulted in injuries sustained to Mr. C aged 70 from UK and Mr. D aged 49 from Germany.

Mr. C sustained a black-eye after he was reportedly punched in the face following an altercation with the owner of one of the Beer Bars. A friend of the bar owner is alleged to have punched Mr. C who made his way to Pattaya Police Station after receiving medical treatment at the Pattaya Memorial Hospital.

The second case, which occurred at the same time but at a different bar, resulted in minor injuries sustained to the German, who told Police he entered a bar and asked to watch TV. Staff at the bar told him the venue was closed and he had to leave.

An altercation occurred involving the Thai owner of the bar who is thought to have assaulted Mr. D, who was described by the owner as “drunk and abusive”.

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