Author Topic: Brit 60k gold necklace ripped from neck hrs after gf had bought it for him  (Read 881 times)

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British Engineer caught-up in Central Pattaya necklace snatch

A British Engineer was involved in a necklace snatch on Thursday Night and saw his new 60,000 Baht Gold Necklace stolen from him, only hours after it was given to him as a present from his Girlfriend.

Mr. Darren J aged 37 and his Thai girlfriend Khun A aged 29 reported the crime at Pattaya Police Station. They described how they had gone to purchase items at a Market in Soi Buakhao and when they were walking back to their room, 2 men on a motorbike came up beside them and the passenger on the bike snatched the Gold Necklace, leaving him with a minor injury to his neck.

The necklace was given to him earlier in the day and he had only been wearing the necklace for 3 hours after it was taken from him.

Police will now examine CCTV in the area as they attempt to locate and arrest the offenders and recover the valuable gold necklace.


Thai girlfriend in Pattaya she bought him a 60K gold necklace WITH HER MONEY Really :)
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there sorting it out now ::)

10 day Pattaya Police Crime Clearance Operation begins

On Friday Night a parade involving 260 Police and local government officers along with Police Volunteers, took place on Pattaya Beach, to launch a 10 day crime clearance operation in an around the Pattaya area.

Every Police division including Police from Nongprue and Banglamung, will take part in the operation which is set to make a large dent in local criminal activities according to the Provincial Police Commander, Police Major General Nittipong, who led the parade.

Tourist Police, Highway Police, Immigration Police and Marine Police will also take part in the operation, as will the Army and the Banglamung District Office.

The officers were sent on their way by the General at the conclusion of the parade and at the end of the operation a press conference will be held to announce the results.

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there sorting it out now,or is it coming to an end

Several Pattaya hotels are struggling to survive