Author Topic: (NAKHON RATCHASIMA) Women seeking B550,000 from 'molester' doctor  (Read 340 times)

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Women seeking B550,000 from 'molester' doctor

Eleven women factory workers have demanded 550,000 baht in total compensation for alleged sexual molestation by a senior doctor and negotiations were underway to settle the case, the accused man's lawyer said on Tuesday.

Thanadej Srilamul, the lawyer for the still unnamed director of a private hospital in this northeastern province, said each of the complainants had demanded 50,000 baht, which was too much.

Negotiations were underway. If a compromise is reached, the case would be closed, Mr Thanadej said.

On Nov 22, 11 women employees at rubber parts manufacturer Siam Fukoku's factory filed complaints at Sungnoen police station accusing the doctor of fondling their breasts during the annual physical checkup at the company on Nov 17. They said checking for breast cancer was not part of the annual medical examination.

Mr Thanadej said his client denied the accusation and the reports had seriously tarnished his reputation. At this stage the doctor should be considered innocent, he said.

The lawyer said touching a patient's body was normal during a physical checkup, and although the complainants told police the doctor also asked questions about their personal life, the questions were  psychological in nature.
Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.