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Half as serious and less / April Fools or primitive blackmail attempt?
« Last post by Johnnie F. on April 01, 2019, 01:23:17 PM »

(ID:5408-56491094) <> I collected very interesting content 31/03/2019 08:02:07

Cаmerа reаdy,N0tificаti0n: #56491094 - 31/03/2019
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Dear user of Koki-6774,

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Probably confused Cindy Vuong [] was just watching something like chaturbate and didn't understand that she's supposed to pay for the guys and gals there playing with themselves.

And further I guess the alleged girl needs to learn how to conceal an IP address:

Received: from (unknown [])

Does anybody know any Koki-6774, so she/ can be helped?  ;)
TM30 is something that has completely passed me by.  I did not know about this requirement.  When I make the trips to Bangkok, the hotel copies my pink card and I think they are responsible for sending the TM30.  On coming back to Korat, I think the pink card obviates the need for a TM30.  However, I may be wrong about that.  As for health insurance, I hope we do not have to go down that road.   
Official Stuff & Laws / Re: Thai Immigration - TM30 and retirement extensions updates
« Last post by Roger on April 01, 2019, 10:16:29 AM »
KC - just MO

I see no purpose in Pattaya going it alone with this ruling - as it'll be Folks from OTHER provinces on 'Extension of Stay' that will benefit from the Pattaya interpretation - if he is instructing just Pattaya residents on the point the other Provinces will need the same or he'll be dropping them in it !  :o

As for leniency if you spend your B800/B400K on medical costs - I suggest you don't hold your breath !  ;)
And after all, Falang are 'encouraged' to have health insurance . . . . .

And thanks to Thaiga  :)

Very good, like you say it's for Pataya, may be we need to ask our local immigration department?

Another question that has been in  the back of my mind, if one has the required funds in the bank, ie: 800,000 Baht and during the period 2 months before and 3 months after (5 months), one is in need of medical care and you have to pay the medical bills that then deplete's your savings, what does immigration do or is there a leniency provision until one can bring the said ballance back up to the required amount?

General Discussions / 8 Billon Fraud
« Last post by Taman Tun on March 31, 2019, 10:02:03 PM »
There is a shocking article in the Sunday Times today about an 8 billion pound fraud in the richly diverse UK.  Also in the DM:-

This is how it was done:-

Tom Harper, Sunday Times

A UK gang infiltrated government agencies and funnelled cash to al-Qaeda, according to police and intelligence files. This is how they are said to have raised their millions.

Identity fraud

1 Gang member infiltrates a benefits advice agency

2 Obtains national insurance numbers issued to children

3 Passes to factory owner to create ghost workers claiming tax credits

4 Creates fake tenancy agreements for the ghost workers

5 Applies for mortgages, credit cards and insurance

6 Builds up credit scores, borrows to the maximum and disappears

Mortgage fraud

1 Buy a cheap, rundown property in the name of a ghost

2 Have a corrupt valuer increase its worth after bogus renovations

3 Obtain 95% loan using corrupt agent

4 After ghost fails to make payments, property is repossessed and auctioned

5 Repeat

Credit card fraud

1 Get access to an empty property

2 Submit multiple credit card applications at once

3 Spend to the limit

4 After goods are delivered to an empty house, sell them

Benefit fraud

1 Ghost claims working tax credit to top up part-time factory earnings

2 Claims housing benefit

3 Obtains an NHS number and sells it to foreigners needing costly care

Cash for crash fraud

1 Insure a cheap auction car

2 Simulate a crash at low speed and take the vehicles to corrupt repair centres

3 Obtain a report from a corrupt doctor on extensive injuries

4 Submit claim for major injuries from a high-impact crash

5 Repeat for four ghost passengers

Illicit goods

1 Real factories obtain contracts to make clothes for famous brands

2 They produce 200,000 garments for the client plus 40,000 to sell in markets at half price

3 Family members visit stores with half-price items and exchange them for other full-price goods

Carousel fraud

1 Fraudsters secretly control companies in UK and EU

2 EU company A sells VAT-free goods to UK company B

3 Company B sells goods plus 20% VAT to UK company C, then disappears owing VAT to

4 Company C sells goods to EU company D, then claims back 20% VAT from HMRC

5 Repeat: EU company D sells VAT-free goods to UK company E.

All profits, laundered via money brokers and disgraced Caribbean bank First Curacao International, go into trusts to buy commercial property; 1% is diverted to terrorism

Home: Britain / Re: The Brexit
« Last post by Taman Tun on March 31, 2019, 01:47:01 PM »
This Banksy post is insulting to chimps. They have much more common sense than that.
Official Stuff & Laws / Thai Immigration - TM30 and retirement extensions updates
« Last post by thaiga on March 31, 2019, 01:46:41 PM »
Yes i know it's for pattaya - but i should imagine it applys to all - it says no need to register every time we leave home

Completing the TM30 form once is enough for those on an extension of stay, Khun Pichai told Fabulous 103FM. Because foreigners on an extension of stay submit a 90 day report, they do not need to submit a TM30 form each time they return from a trip outside the province.

Home: Britain / Re: The Brexit
« Last post by Johnnie F. on March 31, 2019, 12:06:52 PM »
The British parliament, as seen by Banksy nine years ago:

Animals & Wildlife / Stranded baby elephants rescued by Thai rangers
« Last post by Johnnie F. on March 31, 2019, 09:33:15 AM »
Six baby elephants separated from their parents and trapped in a muddy pit for days have been rescued by park rangers in rural Thailand, officials said Saturday.

Patrolling rangers chanced upon the struggling herd in a national park east of Bangkok on Wednesday afternoon, park superintendent Prawatsart Chantheap told AFP.

Once the rangers realised the calves, aged between one and four years old, could not climb out of the dirty watering hole, some left the forest to bring back digging tools while others stayed overnight to keep watch over the frightened creatures.

"Our team arrived with hoes (on Thursday morning)... and we began to dig around the rim (of the mud pit) to make it less steep," he said.

After three hours of digging to build a makeshift ramp, the mud-covered babies managed to stumble out of the pit one-by-one as the rangers cheered them on.

"Go, go, follow each other!" the rangers yelled in a video recorded by the national parks department. "Go, children, go!"

Prawatsart said the rangers had observed a herd of 30 adult elephants nearby and believed the young calves must have been separated from them.

"We believe they were stuck there for at least two days because after they got out their legs were weak," he said.

Wild elephants are Thailand's national animal and live in the wild in parts of the country but their numbers have dwindled to about 2,700 from a peak of over 100,000 in 1850.

Deforestation and habitat loss has brought them in closer contact with humans in recent decades, and they often clash with villagers and farmers.

Elephants are also poached or domesticated for entertainment and tourism.

The Nation
Energy & Environment / Re: "No drought this year", says irrigation dept
« Last post by Johnnie F. on March 31, 2019, 08:33:33 AM »
Drought dries up hope

Villagers plead for government help while dams recede to record-lows

Villagers in tambon Krathum Rai of Prathai district of Nakhon Ratchasima province are in despair after water in a 25-rai pond dried up and the water levels in their last-resort supply, artesian wells, also started to dwindle.

Since the pond dried up, just three artesian wells have kept 2,000 residents in three villages supplied with tap water. However, with no rainfall, villagers find it more difficult to pump the water from underground, leaving them with grim prospects.

Prathai is among the districts in this northeastern province that have been hardest hit by the drought.

The Northeast of the country is currently the area most affected by the drought, while many other districts are going through similar struggles as water levels in ponds and rivers plunge.

l Nino, the weather pattern that has caused the severe drought, will worsen water shortages this year, according to the Department of Royal Irrigation.

The department has warned of severe water shortages in the Northeast, where the levels of water stored in dams are already very low. The levels have fallen significantly, from 57% last year down to 17% this year.

Thongplew Kongjun, chief of the Department of Royal Irrigation (DRI) confirmed the low storage levels.

The water level in the Ubonrat Dam in Khon Kaen province is at only 3%, and 7% in the Sirindhorn Dam in Ubon Ratchathani province.

That prompted the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation to announce an emergency in three provinces, including Roi Et and Si Sa Ket in the Northeast and Trat in the East.

The DRI will provide 1,851 water pumping machines to assist farmers in need, together with sending a warning message to people in risk areas that they should not expand their plantations due to the high risk of water shortages.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment are working together to find an extra water supply, fixwater pipes and send trucks to provide water to drought-stricken communities.

"We have less water in the dams this year, but we are certain that we will be able to limit the impact [of the drought] with good preparation. Each agency knows what to do and when," said Mr Thongplew.

El Nino effect

Weather patterns are playing a major role in this year's dry season water shortages.

According to the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD), Thailand is in the middle of an El Nino season that has enveloped the country since the beginning of this year and will last until April.

El Nino is a result of a rise in seawater temperatures. For Thailand, this weather phenomenon will lead to a reduction in rain precipitation of 10-20%, and higher temperatures this March and April.

The temperatures in the next two months may rise to 35-37 degrees Celsius, compared with 34.2C last year.

Management challenges

Despite the effects of El Nino, the DRI has insisted that villagers will have enough water for limited consumption and farming. Mr Thongplew insisted that the department will be able to supply water to farmland in irrigated areas under its control.

"There is enough water for farming and consumption in the areas under our responsibility. We have managed the water under our plan and around 7% of this water is left to last until the end of April," he said at a press conference early this week.

The DRI has earmarked more than 23 billion (cu/m) of extra water for use during the drought period. Of the 23 billion cu/m, some 2.4 billion will be reserved for consumption, 6.4 billion for ecological conservation, 13.95 billion for farming and 303 million for industry.

So far, the DRI has already used 17.9 billion cubic metres of water, or 78% of the water quota, leaving 7% for use until the end of April.


The DRI has, however, been worried about over-harvesting. Although the government has introduced a rice plantation quota system to ensure sufficient water supplies, some residents are defying that quota.

There are 5.8 million rai of rice plantations in the Central region of the country, which is 500,000 rai above the quota limit.

Similar instances have been reported in other regions. In total, over 1.31 million rai is over-harvested.

Long-term outlook

The Northeast has always been known as an arid area. Despite its massive plateaus, there are only a few rivers; the Chi River and Mun River, which depend on water from the transnational Mekong River.

The government has approved a water management plan to improve the region's water storage capacity in a bid to deal with the drought and flooding problems, according to said Samroeng Sangphuwong, deputy secretary general of the Office of National Water Resources.

The projects will be constructed in 16 water basins covering 12.59 million rai. When they're completed, these projects will collectively store over 995 million cu/m, which is enough to supply 4.9 million rai and 1.3 million families throughout the entire year.

Mr Samroeng said the cabinet has already approved a budget worth 274 billion baht to build 102 of the medium- and large-scale water projects.

Bangkok post
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