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Korat News / Five hurt in Korat as motorist suffers seizure
« Last post by thaiga on January 14, 2018, 12:43:49 AM »
Five hurt in Korat as motorist suffers seizure

Five people were injured in Muang Nakhon Ratchasima late Thursday afternoon when a motorist apparently suffered an epileptic seizure and lost control of his car.

The car, driven by a 72-year-old retired doctor, ploughed into a roadside food stall.

Pol Captain Thanathip Phromthaisong and a Sawang Metta Korat rescue crew found the Mazda 3 halted among the debris on Soi 30 Kanya.

The seating area, a food display cabinet and five motorcycles parked nearby had been damaged. The injured included a student who was seriously hurt.
The driver was identified only as Dr Sawat.  Another student who witnessed the incident told police she and her friends were just ordering their meals when the sedan suddenly crashed into the stall.

As she was phoning for help, she saw the driver, still in the car, apparently having an epileptic seizure. The driver and the injured were taken to Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital. The doctor’s wife, asking not to be named, confirmed he did have epilepsy and took medication to control it. She said he was alone and driving home from an errand when the incident occurred.
Half as serious and less / Re: All Things Christmas
« Last post by thaiga on January 13, 2018, 08:52:56 PM »
Thanks j/f, well i thought i new it all but obviously not, so that's why you got banned for trying to keep the peace.

Hey K.C. i think many would all be in the same boat (without these forums we would be very much in the dark and only relying on what the Mrs. tells us)
here's an old thread you might of missed (2009) and a few names you might remember.  R.I.P. those who are no longer here.

Future of KoratFarang, GrumpyExpat, and KoratFart?

Half as serious and less / Re: All Things Christmas
« Last post by KiwiCanadian on January 13, 2018, 07:50:02 PM »
I Joined koratfrang in its dying days and remember Typhoon and some of his posts, it was unfortunate as there was a lot of good info on that site that once you got through the bs stuff, then I found this site and joined latter on the "other" korat-farang site too.
Invaluable info I have gained from these forums in regards to life and living in Thailand, without these I would be very much in the dark and only relying on what Mrs KC would know about farang's.........
Half as serious and less / Re: All Things Christmas
« Last post by Johnnie F. on January 13, 2018, 05:46:20 PM »
did you get banned Johnnie what for

I was one of the mods from the beginning. two months into the forum's existence I deleted an extremely bad insulting post, for what I was heavily criticised by the admin. In hindsight I think the admin had made that post himself, using an alias. But I was banned mainly for telling the admin again and again, that he'll cause damage to the community by allowing the bullying and attacking. I felt responsible, as it was me who suggested in a discussion about a Korat Expats Club on t/v to open an own forum for the farangs in Korat. KF's admin himself seemed to enjoy the bullying, took it as harmless game. Later he even joined this forum, but here his actions as admin on his own forum were discussed, he was asked to defend his decisions of banning the victims instead of the attackers, so he deleted his own account and showed up again only shortly under an alias, playing troll until he got exposed.

I think it's of no use repeating over and over, what went wrong at Korat's first farang forum. Good intentions by many of the initial members were there, but it became too much of a battlefield without guidance or restrictions. I guess the damage can't be redone anymore. Just let those who're still undamaged by what was going on there get on with their lives. It's a bit like WW II. Everybody knows what sh*t went on, but it can't be redone. It was a system and many were just dragged along, were mislead or had no better choice than running with the crowd.
Half as serious and less / Re: The colour of your skin
« Last post by nan on January 13, 2018, 02:04:41 PM »
i am surprised that nobody has replied to this thread,too busy poking their nose into other counties goings on to debate on close to home laughable articles.

Hello Kitty,how stupid even a member of my family has Hello Kitty suitcases. maybe they don't want to grow up as it gets all serious.

Put your phone away, that's worldwide not just in this country. when we now go for a family meal all the telephones are piled in one heap on the table.the first one that reaches for their phone pays the bill, we actually now have conversation.

now were is that frock ;)
Half as serious and less / Re: All Things Christmas
« Last post by nan on January 13, 2018, 01:41:08 PM »

even j/f i think got banned, then i believe opened this forum, he could tell you more on that
did you get banned Johnnie what for
Home: Britain / Re: Lucky Britain: Donald Trump cancels London visit
« Last post by Taman Tun on January 13, 2018, 09:06:26 AM »
Lucky Donald Trump, not having to face the UKs bad weather and sky high prices for everything. The UK is one of those Sh*ithole countries he was referring to the other day.
Home: Britain / Lucky Britain: Donald Trump cancels London visit
« Last post by Johnnie F. on January 12, 2018, 05:32:05 PM »
Donald Trump cancels London visit amid protest fears

Looks like Londoners don't think much of their PM inviting that guy. ;D

That's a plus point or one off the minus points, Brits collected for the Brexit.
Half as serious and less / Re: All Things Christmas
« Last post by thaiga on January 12, 2018, 12:22:26 PM »
Korat forum wars

Hey Ian you mentioning the mall, you'd ave laughed years ago when the korat forum wars was on,  fighting for the top place. There was a member on the old koratfarang name Typhoon, arranged a sort of get together at the mall, where they could get a t-shirt to wear with the name of the forum on, so the farang guys would know who was who when in korat. 

The insults on Koratfarang were really bad even threatening each other, once a couple of members arranged to meet in the makro car park to sort their differences out, but ended up having a beer together, as being face to face is a different ball game. if you was not in the click of friends you got insulted, the admin could not or maybe could not be bothered to control the forum.

even j/f i think got banned, then i believe opened this forum, he could tell you more on that
General Discussions / Legal Notes
« Last post by Taman Tun on January 12, 2018, 06:25:54 AM »
This story was in the DM the other day about Mr. Jimmy Tippett who was up before the magistrates for stealing a GBP 50,000 diamond ring.

Thomas Quinton, defending Tippett Jnr, today urged a judge to defer his sentence for the latest offence, insisting he was on the verge of making a film.
Mr Quinton told the court: 'Your honour knows that Jimmy Tippett has some small celebrity from the book which has that has been published in relation to his background.
'He identifies very strongly with his father, they share the same name, and his father's background as a boxer. It means that he grew up with a sense of growing up in a gangster's world.
'There is no doubt about the fact that this is a man who is unusual before the court because, when one looks at his record, in his teens and mid-twenties he was definitely embarking on a career as a criminal.
'The world in which he grew up had clearly left its mark on him. But something rather odd happens and that the last offence for dishonesty is 1999 until we have a single offence in 2013.
'But then what happens since he appears in that court – well that is where his life has taken a turn because that book which your honour has was published in 2014 and it through the successful sale of that book that he has been able to turn those book rights into film rights.'
Tippett's lawyer asked for a six-month adjournment before sentence so he can prove to the judge that he is serious about his book and film projects.
But Judge Deva Pillay announced: 'That is not going to happen. It is custody today, 2 years jail.
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