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Energy & Environment / your allowed to stay up late on November 17 (meteor shower)
« Last post by thaiga on November 13, 2018, 04:33:10 PM »
Thais urged to watch the sky for Leonid meteor shower

Stargazing Thais can stay up late on November 17 to watch a spectacular show of the Leonid meteor shower.

Suparirk Karuehanon, chief of the academic service division of the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (Narit), said the celestial phenomenon could be seen after midnight of November 17 until early hours of November 18.

He said stargazers must look northeast to locate the Leonids.

But Suparirk said the bright light of the moon in the late evening could make it hard to see the meteor shower and so the stargazers may have to wait for the moon to set at 1.30 am.

He said the best time for watching the Leonid meteor shower this year could be after 2am and that about 10 to 15 meteors could be seen per hour.

The meteor shower is caused by the tail of the 55P/Tempel-Tuttle comet remaining in the earth’s orbit. Meteors could fall to earth at the speed of 71 kilometres per second.
So why would anyone dedicate a thread about boring convenience stores like 7-eleven, ding dong that annoying for some chime, when everytime someone enters or leaves. WHY ... because it's part of a lot of expats daily lives, your in n out in a jiffy, opposed to trying to park your car at a mall, walking a great distance, looking for what you want, now i wonder what floor that shop will be on. only to come back to your car after a couple or so hours, oh no your car is blocked in. enough to make that bottle of milk you went out for two hrs ago turn sour.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, food and drink. over 8,000 stores in thailand. if you don't like the microwave meals make yourself a sandwich, take some bread and ham back to your car with a coffee, on with the a/c, a bit of music n stuff your face. you might like to gather round outside like these people from Baan Tai when there only one store, being the center of all the party activities around the island.

Half as serious and less / Re: caption it - do u know who i am
« Last post by thaiga on November 13, 2018, 01:39:40 PM »
that must be some important dog ;D
Internet traffic hijack disrupts Google services

An internet diversion that rerouted data traffic through Russia and China disrupted several Google services on Monday, including search and cloud-hosting services.

Service interruptions lasted for nearly two hours and ended about 5.30pm EST (5.30am Tuesday Bangkok), network service companies said. In addition to Russian and Chinese telecommunications companies, a Nigerian internet provider was also involved.

Google confirmed Monday's disruption on a network status page but said only that it believed the cause was "external to Google" . The company had little additional comment.

The specific method employed, formally known as border gateway protocol hijacking, can knock essential services offline and facilitate espionage and financial theft. Most network traffic to Google services - 94% as of Oct 27 - is encrypted, which shields it from prying eyes even if diverted.

Alex Henthorn-Iwane, an executive at the network-intelligence company ThousandEyes, called Monday's incident the worst affecting Google that his company has seen.

He said he suspected nation-state involvement because the traffic was effectively landing at state-run China Telecom. A recent study by US Naval War College and Tel Aviv University scholars says China systematically hijacks and diverts US internet traffic.

Much of the internet's underpinnings are built on trust, a relic of the good intentions its designers assumed of users. One consequence: little can be done if a nation-state or someone with access to a major internet provider decides to reroute traffic.

Henthorn-Iwane says Monday's hijacking may have been "a war-game experiment''.

In two recent cases, such rerouting has affected financial sites. In April 2017, one affected Mastercard and Visa among other sites. This past April, another hijacking enabled cryptocurrency theft .

The Department of Homeland Security did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

ThousandEyes named the companies involved in Monday's incident, in addition to China Telecom, as the Russian internet provider Transtelecom and the Nigerian ISP MainOne.
Stray dog saved from poisoning by 7-Eleven staff  none of us are really fond of stray dogs or the soi mut with his grinning teeth, but it's not the dogs fault that they are not kept down to a minimum in numbers and they are allowed to roam anywhere. the problem is overlooked.

these kind staff at 7-eleven paid out their own pockets to help this dying mutt, kindness at it's best ...

Stray dog saved from poisoning by 7-Eleven staff, rescuers

A stray dog in front of a 7-Eleven shop in Trat’s Muang district escaped death from poisoning thanks to quick action by the store’s staff and rescuers of a local foundation.

The dog, nicknamed Pepsi, was found convulsing and foaming at the mouth at 3.50am Friday so the staff called the Sawang Boonchuay Foundation for help.

Rescuers from the foundation force-fed the dog with some 30 chicken eggs prompting it to vomit and rid itself of the poison. The cost of the eggs was covered by three of the convenience store’s staff.

The staff said the dog, which is thought to be seven or eight years old, has been living in front of the shop since it opened three years ago.

Shoppers often bought food for the stray.
Half as serious and less / Re: Sounds of Thailand - the 7-eleven nodding dog
« Last post by thaiga on November 12, 2018, 11:31:38 PM »
I just dont think that will ever happen "90 day reports @ 7-eleven" you would have to be trusting the staff at getting it right, any mistakes could be costly, anyway they might microwave your passport by mistake or even worst one of the dogs might run away with it. HEY! do you remember the nodding dogs years ago, 7-eleven have their own style.

Official Stuff & Laws / Re: Smart visa conditions revised for experts
« Last post by thaiga on November 12, 2018, 04:33:02 PM »
Smart visa conditions revised for experts

The Board of Investment (BoI) is ready to announce new conditions and incentives for the smart visa for overseas experts in an attempt to transfer technology and know-how to the country's industrial sector and encourage foreign startups to move to Thailand.

The government introduced the smart visa programme in February, designed to encourage highly skilled professionals and talent to work and invest in targeted industries in the EEC.

Duangjai Asawachintachit, the BoI secretary-general, said the cabinet acknowledged and approved the revision of the smart visa last Tuesday.

The visa added three new categories, with the first for targeted industries, such as alternative dispute resolution, human resource development for science and technology, and renewable energy and environmental management.

The second category is to increase privileges and benefits for smart visa holders, with the cabinet ordering the Immigration Bureau to open a fast-track service for foreigners holding these visas at all international airports.

The third category is to decrease minimum monthly income to 100,000 baht for general experts and 50,000 baht for experts in local startups, while the monthly income from high professionals and executives stands at a minimum of 200,000 baht, though the BoI has changed this to include all income and bonuses.

In addition, the BoI is allowing startups to receive local venture capital and revising startups' minimum investment from 20 million baht per individual investor to co-investment for multiple investors, while new startups require a minimum investment of 5 million baht.

Ms Duangjai said the smart visa for startups will have three periods -- six months, one year and two years -- instead of a one-year period with two-year renewals.

As of September, there were 1,078 inquiries about the smart visa, but only 37 people applied for one. The government approved 28 smart visas for digital and automation/robotics.

The BoI had expected to approve 1,000 applications for the smart visa this year.

The smart visa lets overseas experts stay and work in Thailand for up to four years without a request to obtain a work permit from the Labour Ministry.
Expat News / Farang washing cars to make ends meet - makes 6,000 baht a day! video
« Last post by thaiga on November 12, 2018, 04:20:47 PM »
Farang washing cars to make ends meet - makes 6,000 baht a day!

not a good idea to have this on the news, a farang working, even a video, the way things are at the moment, this might not end well. let's hope they turn a blind eye to this 71 yr.old guy doing his bit to make ends meet. good he is out doing something useful and the shop was making 5,000 baht to 6,000 baht a day cleaning an average of 20 cars. leave the guy be enjoying his life, he's harming no one. good onyer m@

Alicia Keys left voiceless at Thai mall launch

A three day, US$30 million launch party for Bangkok's biggest and flashiest mall got off to a rocky start on Friday night (Nov 9) when its star guest Alicia Keys was briefly left voiceless by a dodgy sound system.

Drone Light Show
Korat & Isaan Forums Support Desk / Re: Most Online Today - newest record
« Last post by thaiga on November 12, 2018, 03:39:17 PM »
Most Online Today: 2795. Most Online Ever: 2795 (Today at 09:33:38 AM)
Most Online Today: 3270. Most Online Ever: 3270 and still rising

well there is a thank you out there for our efforts

BUT ... there's two ways you can look at that, is it the first, or is it both

1) are we are the best forum around with interesting articles

2) are the other forums lacking
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