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Half as serious and less / Re: My tortured email box
« Last post by Johnnie F. on February 05, 2019, 08:38:20 AM »
-----Original Message-----
From: Stefan Persson []
Sent: Monday, February 04, 2019 2:38 PM
To: Recipients
Subject: Business Proposition.

Attn: To whom it may concern.

I just want to apologize for any inconvenience this email may cause you. My name is Stefan Persson and I'm interested in establishing and operating a very lucrative business as a means of achieving a profitable and successful business with you.

I work for an international corporation company as a purchasing manager, dealing with various kinds of farm animal equine product here in Helsinki, Finland. My duty is to approve the acquisition of goods and services needed by my company. I'm equally responsible for purchasing the best quality products for my company at the most competitive prices and I work in a wide range of sectors for many different organizations.

An antidote known as I-Site XP Gold is tremendously needed by my company. I-Site XP Gold is an antidote used for the treatment of farm animals. It relieves pain caused by swelling and inflammation associated with joint disease and absorbs shock in farm animals and horses. This same antidote is sold in Malaysia at the rate of $850USD per each carton by Mrs. Halimah Binti Sadi while my company purchases the same antidote at the rate of $3,950usd. During the course of supply to my company, you will be making the profit of $3,100usd per each carton supplied to my company.

I should have taken care of the business myself, but I am going through a Genetic predisposition as a result of leukemia which cannot permit me to travel. Every further details and contact will be provided based on your determination in handling the business. All I need is your reliability in doing this business and in terms of the profit made in the business, 60% goes to you and 40% is mine. Feel free to write me via for more details.

Take good care and have a nice day.


Now what kind of scam is that? :spin

Just out of curiosity what happens if a bank goes bust and your $800K disappears somewhere into the coffers?

My wife tells me all Thai Banks have a guarantee scheme up to 1 Million Baht ( Government run? not sure )
This is why we have always split our money over at least 3 Thai Banks....   Always keeping a balance below 1 Million Baht per bank.
Just out of curiosity what happens if a bank goes bust and your $800K disappears somewhere into the coffers?

If that was my bank i would be down to Imm ASAP and ask them HOW TO DO? WHAT DO YOU NEED? YOU ARE THE POLICE, THEY STOLE MY MONEY.

Just my $0.02 worth
Just out of curiosity what happens if a bank goes bust and your $800K disappears somewhere into the coffers?
Yes, it all seems to depend on the local office.  I got my work visa from the main immigration in Bangkok and needed both a medical and a Criminal check. 

I got my initial info from this web site,
But knowing each district office was diferent I went to the Korat office to determine, A is it possible? B if not I did have a plan "B" as a backup.

I did not need a medical certificate and no criminal record Plus I had my other 2 passports with all my original visa info from when I lived here before leaving Thailand.

There is info about the Non-O-A:

Medical certificate is no problem to get in Thailand, but a letter of verification issued from the country of his or her nationality or residence stating that the applicant has no criminal record you got to bring along.

The big difference seem to me the multiple entries (for 1 year), but it costs 5,000 instead of just 1,900 Baht. Worth it?
That's interesting, KC! But couldn't it be, that you got a 1-year extension to your "Non-O"? To my knowledge the "Non-O-A" gets issued only by the Thai embassies and very few consulates general abroad and is basically a "Non-O" with an already approved 1 year period of stay instead of the 90 days of a "Non-O", when entering Thailand. Also you don't need a re-entry permit when leaving and re-entering Thailand within this visa's 1 year validity, as it is always for multiple entries; and at each entry you'll get a 1 year stay permit again, so you can stay here for almost two years (with one re-entry like a border run), before you need to extend it at the Immigration Office like the "Non-O". Before issuing that Non-O-A" the Thai embassy in your home country will also check that you have the funds to stay in Thailand for 1 year, but they don't ask for a certification by your country's embassy or your bank in Thailand; they'll be happy with the original documents about your pension.

Not long after we arrived back in Thailand (November last year) I went to Imm to check out what THEY wanted to be able to change from a tourist visa to a Non Imm' O-A, (a long story of why I did it this way), Imm advised me to do the border run in Vientiane and get a Non, O based on Family, (yes I am married to a wonderful Thai Lady). Got that and was told to come back on the 15th of January and get the Non O changed to a Non Imm O-A retirement, its stamped in my passport, done here @ Imm Korat. It has been posted on the net about the procedure but the info was a couple of years old, so that's why I went to Imm and asked them what THEY wanted.

General Discussions / Re: Social media clips - The British embassy turned up as well
« Last post by thaiga on February 03, 2019, 09:21:28 PM »
As seen on the telly, here's stickboys verion

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