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« Last post by Roger on April 05, 2019, 07:58:19 PM »
Johnnie - but as I wrote the post I was thinking of you and trying not to be too selective - your very own Bundestag in action - and very impressive too I might say. It's no good having our heads in the sand is it ?
After all, this popular Party the AfD, are likely to have more representation in the EU Parliament soon ?

''Let them ruin their country!'' - I'm not sure whether you are talking about the UK or Germany  ;)

''Get it over with'' - we agree again . . .

Split from The Brexit, renamed and moved by admin.
Korat Internet & Technology Forum / Re: Tingling Chargers
« Last post by KiwiCanadian on April 05, 2019, 06:26:02 PM »
More than likely faulty wiring in the house not properly earthed. Do you get the tingly's from all receptacle's in the house or just a few?
If its the whole hose then the phase & neutral are probably swapped, need a good lectirtian to sort that out, if its just a few the the outlets will have to have the line & neutral swapped.

Also check your earth connections and ground rod, make sure the ground rod is wet, at least damp, with all this dry weather without water the ground rod is not doing its job.

I am no expert but have seen this a few times.

May be some one with more experience would have a better Idea of what the problem is.
Home: Britain / Re: The Brexit
« Last post by Johnnie F. on April 05, 2019, 04:37:08 PM »
Not worth reading, Roger! Please refrain from copying and pasting full articles from that forum. If anybody wanted to read that, he/she could look it up there. ;)

New - and relevant in this thread - is, that May asked for Brexit extension to 30 June, the same date requested by the government last month, but rejected by EU leaders in Brussels. That would mean the UK had to participate in the EU election. I am against an extension that short. It will only cause more pressure and confusion. Get it over with! Picking up the pieces in the EU will be easier than endlessly dealing with UK politicians not knowing what they want, just being against everything. Let them ruin their country!
Home: Britain / Re: The Brexit
« Last post by Roger on April 05, 2019, 01:34:20 PM »
Now that April Fools day has passed - I suspect there won't be much agreement on this which I've pasted over from K-F for JF to enjoy  ;)

''Jacob Rees-Mogg was attacked on 'Today' for 'tweeting' this very same YouTube

J R-M was not amused. I too think it quite possible to agree with Dr Weidel's views on Brexit without necessarily endorsing her views on Immigration and Muslims. For myself, she articulated on Brexit exactly what I have felt myself over the last two years whilst observing the process. Before writing Dr Weidel off as a 'Populist', a common trick used to downplay any view that fails to meet the conventional 'wisdoms' these days, I'd suggest 'Popular' as being more accurate - the amount of support for her comments in the Bundestag was quite evident.

''The EU should have given David Cameron the concessions he asked for . . . this Brexit will be costly for the EU, which means that by definition, costly for German Taxpayers. Costly like the Bank bailouts, the Greece bailout, the green energy policy, the opening of the border, the destruction of the automobile and other key industries, and the massive inflation of our single currency . . . .

The UK is the second biggest economy in the EU, as big as the 19 smallest combined.

Onto Brexit for which you are partly responsible, due to your negligence and your failure to help out the UK. Our historically good relationship with the UK is being threatened as a result. What did David Cameron ask that was so terrible? No more social welfare payments immediately and for everyone. Stronger National Parliaments. Less EU bureaucracy. But in Brussels he was banging his head against a brick wall . . . .

(Is the UK) . . a Partner with whom we have lived together for 40 years in good times and bad, really going to be treated like Paraguay or Papua New Guinea ?  . . What a mockery. Is it any wonder that the UK sees bad faith behind every manouevre from Brussels ?

Brexit negotiator Barnier, is supposed to have confided in Friends, I quote, ''my mission will have been a success when the terms are so brutal for the British, that they prefer to stay in the Union''. With Friends like these . . .

The EU must be reformed from within. This includes a veto right for Nation States against rules from Brussels, reforming Article 50, granting access to the single market for exiting Countries, and securing the EU's external borders . . . .

These are just extracts - DR Weidel bemoans the effect on Germany's EU influence as the UK leaves and the effect on the German economy. She's very 'down' on France !

This is worth watching (listening to as it has sub-titles) whatever your views on Brexit.''


Korat Internet & Technology Forum / Tingling Chargers
« Last post by Taman Tun on April 04, 2019, 10:31:25 PM »
If I am charging a phone or laptop or battery pack I often get a tingling sensation if I touch the device.  This is due to lack of isolation between the mains and the DC output from the charger.  This is a bit of a worry as you are only a small component failure away from having a direct connection to the mains.  The chargers often boast certification to EU, Underwriters Labs, FCC etc but this is no guarantee of complete isolation. 

I have a HP laptop and the charger is covered with a whole swarm of alleged certification approvals.  The charger works fine and there is no tingle provided you connect to a 3 pin socket with earth.  However if you use a 2 pin socket, which is often the case, then I get tingle when touching the laptop.

My worst device is a Yukuma charger and battery pack.  This allegedly has CE and FCC approval but the tingle is very bad indeed. Do not buy one of these.

The only charger which receives the Taman Tun Tingle Seal of Approval is the 2 pin Apple charger.  It is completely tingle free.

Home: Britain / Re: The Brexit
« Last post by Taman Tun on April 04, 2019, 08:02:44 PM »
Gina Miller, she is the one who caused all these problems. She should have her citizenship revoked and be deported back to Guayana. We need a Windrush boat in reverse. Bum’s Rush sounds just fine.

From Wiki:-

In June 2016, in the aftermath of the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, Miller privately engaged the City of London law firm Mishcon de Reya to challenge the authority of the British Government to invoke Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union using prerogative powers, arguing that only Parliament can take away rights that Parliament has granted.[20]

On 3 November 2016, the High Court of Justice ruled that Parliament had to legislate before the Government could invoke Article 50.[28][29] Miller said outside the High Court: "The judgment, I hope – when it's read by the Government and they contemplate the full judgment – that they will make the wise decision of not appealing but pressing forward and having a proper debate in our sovereign Parliament, our mother of parliaments that we are so admired for all over the world".[30]
Home: Britain / Re: The Brexit
« Last post by Roger on April 04, 2019, 05:13:52 AM »
JF. No of course not . . .
Home: Britain / Re: The Brexit
« Last post by Johnnie F. on April 03, 2019, 10:12:54 PM »
If the 'Army' in the UK did that...

Does that mean, British soldiers will get away with doing that while on duty in Afghanistan? :evilgrin

Home: Britain / Re: The Brexit
« Last post by Roger on April 03, 2019, 09:01:30 PM »
Johnnie. If the 'Army' in the UK did that, heads will legally roll with due process of Law, I assure you.
Fake news ? Or maybe not.

Otherwise, I wasn't sure if you were talking about Germany, France, Italy ?
It must be France - they do revolution best.
20 weeks of street rioting, looting etc. and Macron's imagination extends to lecturing the UK  ;)

And does Belgium have a Govt yet ? Serious question . . .

Me myself and millions of other Brits, won't stop 'blaming the EU'.
Sometimes people just know . . . no instruction needed at all    :spin
Home: Britain / Re: The Brexit
« Last post by Johnnie F. on April 03, 2019, 06:31:56 PM »
I don't wonder anymore: soldiers practicing target by shooting at images of their politicians... :spin

Army investigating 'Jeremy Corbyn target practice' film

Stop blaming the EU, there is a lot to do at home, uniting people again. The biggest damage the whole Brexit affair has done already is that it split the country. What'll be next? Shooting in the streets?
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