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Half as serious and less / Re: All Things Christmas
« Last post by thaiga on January 19, 2018, 12:19:06 PM »
And they thought it was all over - A win driver filmed Samut Songkram

There’ll be a 63-kilometre “Going Greener” race and a 113-km “Fearless Gentlemen”

“Going Greener” i'm all for that - “Fearless Gentlemen”  you'd have to be - driving a car is bad enough but on a bicycle :-[

Good to see there still putting in the obstacle courses in the cycle lanes

Farm Chokchai Outdoor Sport will host a cycling event, “Tour de Farm 6”, at Farm Chokchai Farm 3 in Nakhon Ratchasima on Sunday (January 21).

There’ll be a 63-kilometre “Going Greener” race and a 113-km “Fearless Gentlemen” race, together open to no more than 2,200 riders.

The Tour de Farm is designed to raise awareness about sports and eco-tourism in the province’s Pak Chong district, making it a destination for recreational and adventure tourism.


The organisers will also donate Bt100,000 to the Foundation for Khao Yai National Park Protection.

Participants will be able to help local communities by buying farm-fresh produce, organic fruit and vegetables at a mini-fair, getting a massage and herbal compress, and taking an ecotourism tour.

Register by tonight at

The Nation
General Discussions / Re: What happened when a Thai was charged the ‘farang price’
« Last post by thaiga on January 18, 2018, 09:05:40 PM »
If there’s one thing in Thailand that regularly has expats up in arms, it’s dual pricing.

to sum it up, in a nutshell after reading some articles, people are charged based on their appearance, whether their thai or not.
do they make their judgements about pricing based on stereotypes and racial profiling, who knows, there is no reasoning with some as they still simply see a foreigner so they must pay the foreigner rate.

sometimes a thai driving license along with a smile works, more so a work permit, speaking Thai is the most likely way to get them to give you the local price. pay the price and be done with it, is sometimes better than making your family look like they have a cheap charlie partner, which is so important here, as in loss of face, dual pricing i'm sure is not intended to insult you, just the way it is here, on assumptions that all foreigners are rich. logically thinking if you've come from the other side of the world, you most likely are richer than most. no good shouting at the person in the booth, as they are only doing what they are told. you wouldn't want them to lose their job would you.

But alas when you see the charges of attractions in the UK it don't seem so bad
Transport & Traffic / Re: Driving in thailand - We have all got used to it here
« Last post by thaiga on January 18, 2018, 02:47:57 PM »
selfish driving in Thailand - we've all been there - the time when your heart loses a beat

                                       Video here:

BoT sounds alarm on baht speculation

In a rare move, the Bank of Thailand has threatened to investigate some financial institutions with operations in Thailand for possible involvement in baht speculation.

The central bank's announcement comes amid the baht's continued rally against the US dollar. The local currency, up nearly 2% versus the greenback in 2018, is now the second-best performer in Asia this year after the Malaysian ringgit.

The central bank has found that some financial institutions' behaviour could indicate involvement in baht speculation through heavy transaction volume, said Bank of Thailand governor Veerathai Santiprabhob, who added that such practices have been done in favour of customers who may be speculating in baht.

Regulators need to launch an in-depth examination of such activities and consider tightening the rules to thwart speculators, Mr Veerathai said without mentioning any names.

He said the speculative activities were unlike the ones in the past that prompted the central bank to require financial institutions to monitor and report the activities of non-resident (NR) accounts.

Each foreigner who puts money in a non-resident baht account (NRBA) is prevented from holding the outstanding balance in all accounts opened at domestic financial institutions at more than 300 million baht at the end of day.

An NRBA, with the exception of a fixed account with a maturity of six months or longer, normally offers no interest to account holders.

The NRBA and the non-resident account for securities (NRBS) are among the central bank's measures to prevent foreigners from speculating in baht.

Other measures include a restriction on baht liquidity, curbing capital inflows and non-deliverable forward (NDF) -- similar to a regular forward FX contract but not requiring physical delivery of the designated currencies at maturity.

Mr Veerathai has repeatedly said that the baht's strength this year could be due to the US dollar's slump against other major currencies.

Thailand's high current account surplus and offshore fund inflows to the local bond market could also be contributing to the baht's strength, he said.

The US dollar is down about 2% to the euro since the start of the year.

The stronger baht, however, is in line with firming regional currencies, Mr Veerathai said.

"The Bank of Thailand is closely monitoring fund inflows to short-dated bonds, but no irregularity has been found," he said. "The central bank will continue to keep the existing measure of downsizing short-term bond issuance in place."

The central bank began tapering its new short-term bond supply in April last year after hot money was spotted flowing into short-dated notes, resulting in the baht's rapid appreciation.

Mr Veerathai said the baht's strength is unlikely to deal a direct blow to Thai exports, though exporters' income could ebb.

Foreign exchange rates will not have a direct impact on goods pricing, he said, as value-added products, productivity and business potential all play a role in honing competitive edge and increasing Thai business operators' price-setting power.

Mr Veerathai said the time is right for business operators to import equipment and machinery, as their costs will be lower in baht terms and such investment will help beef up competitiveness.

Thailand's economic recovery and current account surplus, which could continue to rise above US$40 billion (1.3 trillion baht) this year, are factors driving the baht higher, Kasikorn Research Center (K-Research) said in a note.

The baht's value is expected to continue appreciating in the first months of this year, reflecting movement of capital inflows and market sentiment about Thailand's economic fundamentals and recovery impetus, K-Research said.

Despite how global financial markets are fixated on the US Federal Reserve's interest rate normalisation, this is not the sole factor affecting the local currency's value, as other factors have to be taken into account, the research house said. Factors include Thailand's current account surplus, political developments in the US and geopolitical issues.

"Although [the Bank of Thailand's] monetary policy remains in an accommodative stance to support a recovery in domestic economic activities, it has to be admitted that the yield of the Thai bond market, particularly long-term yield, could rise in line with the direction of foreign bond yields," K-Research said.
General Discussions / Re: What happened when a Thai was charged the ‘farang price’
« Last post by thaiga on January 18, 2018, 02:06:01 PM »
great at cooking our new maid - i eat at home most of the time ;)

Half as serious and less / Re: Anyone seen my little willy
« Last post by nan on January 18, 2018, 01:07:45 PM »
Jivvy the thread is called My little willy not death by willy  :rclxs0
General Discussions / Re: What happened when a Thai was charged the ‘farang price’
« Last post by nan on January 18, 2018, 01:04:15 PM »
what nonsense and how silly it sounds / tomorrows news / vendor gets seven years for overcharging for meal :spin

General Discussions / What happened when a Thai was charged the ‘farang price’
« Last post by thaiga on January 18, 2018, 12:00:59 AM »
Ha! Ha! i hear Chinese are the new Farangs now and Westerners are just cheap charlies. Shame shame shame, seen on tv as well that'll go down good, unlike the well ott price meal. one thing is the gov. charging dual prices but food stalls nah.  An article on says: Yesterday, the Ministry of Commerce responded that it would investigate the matter. If the vendor is found guilty of overcharging customers, she would face up to seven years in prison and/or up to a fine of THB100,000.

ทุบโต๊ะข่าว:แม่ค้าขายข้าวกะเพรา150โต้ไม่แพง!ยันมี2ราคาถ้าบอกคนไทยลดให้ ไม่ควรประจานออกสื่อ 16/01/61

Dual pricing: What happened when a Thai was charged the ‘farang price’

A viral Facebook post from a Thai woman who paid THB150 ($US4.7) for street food became the talk of town when the vendor admitted she overcharged the woman because the waiter mistook her for a Chinese tourist.

On Monday, Suthaporn Lee said she had a dish of pad kaprow moo grob (stir-fried pork belly with holy basil) at a pop-up stall at Neon Market, but she was charged THB150 for a dish that typically costs THB35-50 (about US$1 – 1.50) on the Bangkok streets.

The Neon Market is in Pratunam, an area popular among Chinese tourists.

Suthaporn said, “I looked at the bill and asked the waiter, ‘Is this really a Thai price? He said yes.’”

“There are pictures of the food [shown to customers], but I don’t see the prices.”

But when reporters from Amarin TV went to the market yesterday and inquired answers from the stall’s owner, she simply clarified that THB150 is a farang price, and overcharging the Thai woman was a mistake.

Vendor Manee Maitree said that her waiter simply wrote down the price wrong because Suthaporn “looked Chinese.”

Since Suthaporn is Thai, she should have paid THB80 (US$2.5). Manee explained that she typically charged Chinese tourists and farangs THB120 – 150 (US$3.7 – 4.7).

“I told her I’d give her discount. She refused, saying she already posted about this on Facebook,” Manee said.

“You know how expensive the rent is here. I don’t wanna talk about it,” she said.

Manee added that her stall doesn’t have a Thai price menu, but they would always tell customers there’s a Thai price available.

When Thai customers walked in that day, they really did unlock the hidden numbers.

“She told me that there’s a Thai price, and the numbers on the menu are farang prices,” Worapan Khunthongchan, a Thai customer, told the TV station.

“A noodle dish costs THB80 [on the menu.] It’s THB60 for Thais,” her friend added.

The story drew heavy criticism from Thai netizens, many of whom argued that,Thai or not, all customers should pay the same price.

“I don’t understand. Who started this? Take advantage of them? Foreigners pay one price. Thais pay another price. We’re their hosts. We should impress them so they can tell their friends about the good experience in Thailand. The government should look into this,” user Boy Neverdies said.

“We promote tourism, but we let people overcharge tourists,” another user wrote.

A female user chimed in with a valid point: “Foreigners are people too.”
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