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Half as serious and less / Re: Joke
« Last post by jivvy on Yesterday at 08:32:43 AM »
man goes to his Doctor as every time he farts it sounds like the word HONDA...
Doctor refers him to specialist at local Hospital, after examination the specialist says "You have a small abscess in your rectum and as you break wind the rush of wind passing over the abscess makes it sound like HONDA."
The man not satisfied asks for a second opinion.
The specialist says "We have a Chinese consultant Professor Chang that you can see, the man agrees.
The next day he sees Professor Chang and explains everything about the abscess.
The professor tells the man that the diagnosis is correct, as a well known Chinese proverb says "Abscess makes the fart go HONDA."
I have to give credit for the guy who actually wrote the first article posted from in this thread his name is bangkok seven, i found another article, same sort of thing, so lets go with the flow,interesting, long, but worth reading.

Seven’s 10 Top 10, List Two: Dating In Bangkok. Don’t.

A few months back, Bangkok Nights published a piece I wrote in reaction to one of Stickman’s old blogs on the topic of dating bargirls. Around that same time, I also happened to read an article on Coconuts about the desperate state of dating culture for foreign men in Bangkok. Stickman couldn’t understand why men would date bargirls, and the lady who wrote the Coconuts article (rife with bitter bias) berated foreign men who date Thais as desperate pedes and lowlife dirtbags. But they both missed a larger truth, namely that you can’t shove the square peg of a Buddhist girl raised in Asia into the round hole of Western Judeo-Christian relationship ideals.

They’re diametrically opposed. So while SM accurately pointed out the folly of dating bargirls, and the lady-writer tried to discourage men from dating Thais in general and steer them back towards foreign women, I would like to submit a different—and I think more realistic—take on the topic, which is DON’T date at all.  So here’s the 2nd top 10 list in a series called “Seven’s 10 top 10.” It’s titled “Dating in Bangkok. Don’t.” and it’s the top 10 reasons not to date in Thailand, and why if you are attempting to date, you’re retarded. Here we go:

1. Thai women don’t understand dating. Mistake number one for the Western daters in Bangkok is the assumption that both parties know what dating is and agree on its purpose. This couldn’t be more untrue. Traditional Thais are thinking about marriage from date 1. In fact, the occasional arranged marriage still takes place in these parts. So the thought of prolonged casual dating or being a “girlfriend” isn’t on the minds of many Thais. Now, because of the influence of Western dating culture—mainly through movies and TV—the idea of dating has influenced Thai society to a degree, but they don’t fully understand the purpose and aren’t sure what should take place and when. When should you first sleep together? When should she take you to meet her family? What does it mean that he pays for everything? What’s the difference between being a girlfriend and being a wife? How much power does each person wield? These are all confusing and convoluted concepts for many Thais.

2. Thai women don’t understand Western morality. Another fundamental mistake made by men and the farang women who judge them is something that should be obvious to everyone. The sense of morality and monogamy that the West gained from a long history of influence by the Catholic Church, an ideology that instilled ideas about “right and wrong” in relationships, never made it to Thailand. Thai morality comes from Buddhism and a culture of conservativism based on not losing face or causing embarrassment for oneself or one’s family.  This applies to sexual behavior, fidelity, and the fear of abandonment and single motherhood. So if you came to Thailand thinking dating would be a breeze, you picked the wrong country.

3. Thai women don’t understand Western gender roles. Never mind how confused farang women are about them. Thai women are even more confounded, because what they know from a Thai point of view is based on patriarchy, and what they see on Western TV is that women are the boss, so they are torn in 2 opposite directions at once. In the end, they have no hope of grasping their role from a Western perspective. The only way she’ll be happy is if you abandon all your ideas and ideals about dating and assimilate to the Thai way, which will probably make you unhappy.

4. You can’t pay your girl to be faithful. If you’ve gone back to your home country and you think that by leaving your Thai girlfriend in Thailand with a monthly stipend, it means she’ll remain your girlfriend in your absence, stay home every night and light a candle next to your portrait and wait dutifully for you until your return, you are a moron. She will see your money as a generous gift from a very nice farang and make no connection between that and fidelity. She will continue to go out, possibly screw other dudes for cash, and/or get herself another foreign or Thai boyfriend and not feel a bit bad about it. Because again, Asian cultures do not attach the same moral hang-ups to sex that Western cultures do. If she was OK with sleeping with you, a bit of bedroom gymnastics with someone else doesn’t carry any more moral weight than regular gymnastics.

5. Thai women are in general overly emotional in relationships. There are always exceptions to the rule, but this one is pretty accurate. One need only watch the string of popular soaps on the TV to see where they get this from. Thailand is a very old country, but in some ways it’s very young. At least, the recent generation is, to put it bluntly, emotionally stunted.

6. The temptation to cheat is ever-present. Unless you take her back with you to your home country, you will be living in an adult playground surrounded by temptation that presents itself every time you leave the house. How long do you think you can hold out?

7. Thai women can’t be fooled forever. If you’re a loser, a liar, a lowlife, or a lothario, you may believe you can come to Thailand and re-invent yourself. And some do. But there are some things you can’t change, and more often than not, the people who run here trying to escape themselves wind up finding that they’ve brought their problems with them. If you can’t successfully morph into someone new, no amount of fakery will work. Your Thai mate will eventually suss you out.

8. Thai women don’t understand what you’re saying or doing. Every time you open your mouth, you invite the very likely possibility that you will be misunderstood, and your Western habits are weird and ridiculous in the eyes of a Thai woman.

9. Thai women live in the moment. It’s a Buddhist trait to not dwell on the past or long for the future, but instead to live in the now. If she wakes up and finds herself unhappy with you, she won’t wait for things to get better or invest time and energy in you if the relationship might not pan out. Unless you can trap her with a kid or financial dependence, she’ll run for the door at the first sign of trouble…..or someone better.

10. It’s not her—it’s you.  In a story from November 2016 titled “Finding Miss Right in Thailand” Stickman pointed out that meeting a Thai lady has never been easier. Which is true. That’s not the problem. The meeting part happens almost effortlessly. It’s the subsequent getting-to-know-you, and opposing expectations and behavioral norms that burn the relationship down. But more than anything, the component that is the most incompatible, and one that won’t ever change, is you, the farang. Maybe the reason you couldn’t find anybody in your home country wasn’t the current toxic dating climate. Maybe it wasn’t that all women are b*tches. Maybe the factors that kept you from finding a mate at home are the same ones that make you unsuccessful in Thailand. It’s just a thought. There’s more to making a relationship work than finding a girl who’s responsive and pretty. Both of those fade in time, anyway. Then what are you left with? What have you brought to the table? If you think some money and Y chromosomes are enough, then you deserve to be alone.

So how does this all shake out? Simple. You picked the wrong country to project your hopes of happily-ever-after onto. It is possible to be happy here, under the right circumstances. Some guys get lucky and find a compatible partner, though it demands a lot of work, growth, and compromise from both parties. I’ve taken a different approach. As I said in an earlier blog, I personally have never had a bad experience with a Thai girl, though I believe that’s because I’m not looking for a girlfriend. My quest is for a different kind of relationship, one which I plan to lay out in a later editorial. But you can get a feel for it in the above list. I’ve avoid the pitfall of looking for, hoping for, or believing in a fanciful ideal that doesn’t exist—namely that a farang can date with the intention of finding a fairytale love relationship like the one he dreamed of when he was too young and stupid to know better. It’s time to grow up and face reality, if you haven’t already. More on that later.

That said, people can and do find good relationships here. It’s just less likely than you probably thought. So if it works out for you, great. But if it doesn’t, see the above list for why, and then take the time to learn how to be alone and be OK with it. That’s the first crucial step in the right direction.

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General Discussions / Re: Tripadvisor - The Lecker Lecker
« Last post by thaiga on Yesterday at 12:35:50 AM »
The Lecker Lecker

The Lecker Lecker, we don't just pick out the best restaurants, in this thread, so it's the good the bad and the ugly, some restaurants may not look up to your expectations, but could have the best food you ever tasted, so it might be, suck it and see and everyones taste is different. although Lecker Lecker is a small restaurant with a friendly owner the food is said to be excellent, Probably the best Bratwurst you have had. Lecker Lecker is a spotlessly clean, comfortable restaurant serving Westerners and Thai alike with delicious beef steaks tender, lean and cooked perfectly. For a little under 200 baht you can get a big portion of crispy snitchzel served with mashed potato and tasty red wine gravy. Included in the price is a salad starter with homemade wholegrain bread, which you can also order and buy to take home. well that takes some beating.

Open Tues-sat 10am till 9pm - closed sunday & monday. +66 80 152 6381 website with location

comments from their facebook page

Probably the best ribs in Thailand! First class beer and service! If you ever in korat this is the place to eat like a king!

I recommend going to eat pasta, pizza and much more from Lecker Lecker: everything is yummy!!! And then a lot of sympathy and courtesy.

Pizza , Excellent, Lasagna , Very Good, Fish and Chip , European style, Seafood Spaghetti, Very Good, We will be back, very close to The Change Condo

Although the location is far from central, the restaurant is spotlessly clean and cozy. A well rounded menu of food, including Pizza, German, Steaks and other offerings all looked very good.

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Korat & Isaan Forums Support Desk / Re: Most Online Today - another record
« Last post by thaiga on September 20, 2018, 09:56:34 PM »
Bad typo there Oppo - Most Online Today: 2012 - Thanks for your contribution - every little bit helps  ;)

if only life was like this

Home: Britain / Re: The Brexit - Don't rip Britain apart
« Last post by thaiga on September 20, 2018, 07:00:02 PM »
Don't rip Britain apart, May appeals to fellow EU leaders on Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May appealed directly to fellow European leaders on Wednesday to drop "unacceptable" Brexit demands that she said could rip Britain apart, and urged the bloc to respond in kind to her "serious and workable" plan.

Over Wiener schnitzel in Salzburg, Mrs May tried to win over the leaders of the European Union by effectively asking them what they would do if they were asked to agree a "legal separation" of their countries - something she says the EU is asking for by insisting Northern Ireland might stay under EU economic rules.

It may be a high-risk strategy. EU officials again said Britain had to move its own position over what has become known as the Irish backstop - how to avoid erecting border posts between the British province and EU member Ireland - as well as on future economic cooperation after Brexit day in March.

A government source suggested Britain would come up with other proposals to try to reach agreement on Northern Ireland "in due course", but Mrs May has so far been reluctant to move from her Chequers plan, hashed out at her country home in July.

With just over six months to Brexit day, both sides agree on one point - that time is running out to secure a deal that will mark Britain's biggest policy shift in almost half a century.

"I believe that I have put forward serious and workable proposals. We will of course not agree on every detail, but I hope that you will respond in kind," she told the other leaders at the Felsenreitschule theatre -- known to film fans for a scene in the musical 'The Sound of Music'.

"The onus is now on all of us to get this deal done," she said, according to the senior British government source.


The talks, which have gone on for over a year, are bogged down in how to ensure that what will become Britain's only land border with the EU, between Northern Ireland and Ireland, will not become home again to the checks and tensions of the past.

Mrs May has rejected an EU proposal to keep the province in a customs union with the bloc if they fail to reach a deal to keep the entire EU-UK border open, instead offering a time-limited customs arrangement that would cover the whole of Britain.

Over dinner, she said the problem could be solved by securing the type of "frictionless trade" envisaged in her Chequers plan, and that Britain was still committed to agreeing a fall-back scheme with the EU.

"However, the Commission's proposal for this protocol - that I should assent to a legal separation of the United Kingdom into two customs territories - is not credible," she said.

Mrs May has shown little sign of moving away from her Brexit plan, shrugging off criticism not only from Brussels but also at home over her proposals for future trade relations and Northern Ireland.

She may have little option. Facing the annual Conservative Party conference later this month, she is keen to show hardline Brexiters who have called on her to "chuck Chequers" that her plan is the only one that can be negotiated with the EU.

And, possibly for that audience, she told the EU leaders that although time was short, "delaying or extending these negotiations is not an option" and rule out the option of a second referendum on Britain's EU membership.

EU officials are minded not to paint Mrs May into a corner, aware of the increasing opposition to her plans in her Conservative Party, and that she needs a victory of sorts to persuade a reluctant parliament to back a deal.

But while they were keen to emphasise the positive movement seen in the Chequers plan, some said no deal could be reached until there was movement from Britain on Northern Ireland.


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Korat & Isaan Forums Support Desk / Re: Most Online Today - another record
« Last post by Oppo on September 20, 2018, 06:43:26 PM »
That's the first a moderator thanking people, when i thought i had seen it all. good luck to you guys for you make the effort.

On 1952 now. must be bert and ernie the attraction  :lol

Edited by Thaiga
General Discussions / Re: Social media pics - Huge spelling mitsake on a jumbo jet
« Last post by thaiga on September 20, 2018, 06:09:58 PM »
Huge spelling mistake on a jumbo jet -

Everyone makes mistakes, even those who paint giant wide-body jumbo jets.
Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific Airlines shared a spelling error on social media Wednesday that shows a misspelling of their name on the side of their Boeing 777-367 aircraft.
Official Stuff & Laws / Visa run to Penang – a personal experience
« Last post by thaiga on September 20, 2018, 05:36:09 PM »
Visa run to Penang – a personal experience

This story was one person’s experience of the visa process in Penang. It should not be regarded as ‘typical’ or even used as a guide. But we provide Jim’s journey as warning to do your homework before embarking on getting or renewing your visa.

Be aware that this seemingly simple trip to the former ‘Pearl of the Orient’ in Malaysia is not just a matter of paperwork to enable you to stay in Thailand you unwittingly become embroiled in a major industry involving hundreds of on-the-ground staff who, you guessed it, are in for a ‘cut of the action’.

This isn’t merely a paperwork formality, it’s an industry. For whatever reason the process is made sufficiently opaque that you will eventually need one of these resources.

If you’re lucky enough to have a Thai employer do pay for your visa and organise paperwork, you’re halfway there.

Alerted by ‘Jim’, not his real name, The Thaiger dug deeper to uncover a highly developed underground business, full of layers and commissions, all of it undeclared to the poor sods who make the journey to Penang to renew their visas or are in the process of getting a new one.

Jim ended up paying more than 40,000 baht for a process he could have completed by himself for a fraction of the cost. The kick, however, is the complexity of the Thai visa process and the seemingly random necessities you will find on different days or speaking to different staff.

“I wasn’t prepared for the layer of hiccups I had to sort out. You need to be brave to attempt any of this on your own,” said Jim.

“I’ve already paid 40,000 and now told I have to go back to Penang again in 90 days for another part of the process. I’m confused and annoyed.”

This was Jim’s first time to get a visa. He says he wanted to do it properly and the confusing and contrary information found online did little to help.

So he went to the source, or so he thought. He explained to us, among his adventures, that he visited Phuket Immigration three times trying to ascertain specifics about the paperwork he required and received three quite different answers about requirements and necessary papers he would need.

Being over 50 one staff member kept pushing him to apply for a ‘Retirement’ visa but Jim wanted to work.

Going to the website, or quoting the official immigration website, did little to clarify the situation. In fact the official Phuket Immigration website is in Thai, not much help when all Jim spoke was English.

full article:
General Discussions / Re: Brits Abroad
« Last post by thaiga on September 20, 2018, 05:06:17 PM »
Yes, Laughing Tam indeed! He sailed to Sweden with two assistants to carry out the initial survey.  They took the following with them on the short voyage:

Two dozen bottles of Madeira
Two dozen bottles of Port
Three dozen bottles of cider
Six dozen bottles of porter
Half dozen bottles,of gin
Half dozen bottles of brandy

Not sure if the canal got built in a straight line.

Does Noah know about this :o
General Discussions / Re: Brits Abroad
« Last post by Taman Tun on September 20, 2018, 04:37:46 PM »
Yes, Laughing Tam indeed! He sailed to Sweden with two assistants to carry out the initial survey.  They took the following with them on the short voyage:

Two dozen bottles of Madeira
Two dozen bottles of Port
Three dozen bottles of cider
Six dozen bottles of porter
Half dozen bottles,of gin
Half dozen bottles of brandy

Not sure if the canal got built in a straight line.
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