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Korat News / Re: 18 killed in fatal collision (KORAT)
« Last post by thaiga on Yesterday at 09:39:51 PM »
Wonder what the insurance is for a bus, it's cost the insurance company nearly 12 mil in payouts already. I see on the evening news the bus company has ceased trading, due to the deaths of these innocent people.

Double-decker bus accident that killed 18 people raises concerns

ALTHOUGH THERE are a limited number of double-decker coaches in Thailand, official regulations and monitoring of the vehicles needed to be improved, a road safety expert said after an accident killed 18 people at Nakhon Ratchasima on Wednesday night.

 Many old buses that had not met current standards were still allowed to operate, while monitoring measures using GPS tracking were not effective to prevent accidents, Academic Centre for Road Safety director Dr Thanapong Jinvong said yesterday.

There were about 7,000 double-decker buses on the country’s roads, 1,500 of which were fixed-route transport buses and the remaining 5,500 operating as private for-hire vehicles, which were more problematic, because most of those vehicles did not meet current safety standards, he said.

“Many of the double-decker buses that registered before 2014 do not pass essential safety standards, such as the height of the bus being over 4.2 metres, and do not pass inclination tests at 30 degrees, so it is very risky if these buses to drive on dangerous and steep routes,” he said.

Although almost all buses already have GPS tracking installed, monitoring systems have proven ineffective in preventing accidents, because there is not a direct warning system linking the monitoring centre to drivers, and the speed limit for the vehicles is set at 90 kilometres per hour, regardless of the terrain and geographical features of the roads.

 “The GPS system should also have different speed limits for the buses that fit the nature of each route, as it is far too fast for buses to drive nearly 90 kilometres per hour on steep and narrow roads,” Thanapong said.

However, the bus involved in the accident in Nakhon Ratchasima was equipped with GPS and it had been travelling at only 80 kilometres per hour.

 Last December, Thailand was ranked first on the list of countries in terms of road fatalities by the World Atlas website, while the World Health Organisation revealed that the road accident death rate in Thailand was 36.2 deaths per 100,000.

According to the Road Accidents Data Centre, there have already been 3,762 deaths from road accidents since New Year through yesterday and 229,346 people injured.

full article
Energy & Environment / Re: Saturday 8:30pm - 9:30pm is EARTH HOUR
« Last post by thaiga on Yesterday at 09:38:43 PM »
Bangkok to join “Earth Hour 2018” this Saturday

 Thai people are invited to join others in 7,000 cities in 178 nations across the world to turn off lights for an hour this Saturday to mark Earth Hour 2018, the biggest global environmental event to draw attention to global warming.

Participation in the one-hour event running from 8.30pm to 9.30pm is considered an exercise in raising awareness of climate change and the need for environmental protection.

 Bangkok Metropolitan Administration recently announced that it has prepared six major landmarks to enable the lights to be turned off – the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Grand Palace, the Temple of Dawn, the Giant Swing, the Rama 8 Bridge, and the Golden Mound.

All government buildings are asked to join with the private sector, communities and individuals in participating in the event.

This year is Bangkok’s 11th year participating.

It is estimated that the capital could save up to 1,953 megawatts of electricity – the equivalent of reducing 1,016 tonnes of CO2 emissions to the environment, representing a saving of up to Bt7,680,000.
Korat Internet & Technology Forum / Re: The bots are coming
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The bots are already here look what they are collecting!

Check this out:

5 Privacies You Didn't Know You Lost

Video embedded by Thaiga
Korat News / Re: 18 killed in fatal collision (KORAT)
« Last post by thaiga on Yesterday at 06:46:10 PM »
Here's another - Bus crash injures 39 people in Ayutthaya - A double-deck tour bus with 50 students and teachers
March 22, 2018


Survivor shattered by tragic ending to leisure outing

 A SURVIVOR shuddered at the thought of her close brush with death amid the mourning for victims of the tragic double-decker bus crash on Wednesday night in Nakhon Ratchasima province.

The accident claimed the lives of 18 people, all of them from Kalasin province’s Muang district.

“This was my first visit to another province,” said 55-year-old Kalasin woman Somjit Jampasri, who narrowly escaped death.

There was a cheerful atmosphere in the coach, with people smiling and enjoying themselves listening to music, as revealed by video clips uploaded by passengers before the crash and now circulating on social networks.

 Somjit, who was among the 32 injured passengers, said she and 12 relatives had joined the tour group for a vacation to the beachside town of Chanthaburi, but tragically she lost eight relatives in the crash.

“The vacation trip turned into a devastating experience for me. Many of my relatives were killed. I saw bodies and blood everywhere,” she said.

Before the crash in Wang Nam Khieo district, Somjit recalled the bus shaking and veering from side to side. She heard someone shout “the brake isn’t working”. On an impulse, Somjit said she pulled her 12-year-old nephew Thewarat Wilachai into her arms as they rushed to sit on the upper deck to brace for impact. The instinctive action helped save her and the boy. “I prayed all of us would survive,” she said.

The group’s tour guide, Sompit Sutthichum, 51, and her family members – her husband Prayong Wangpikul, 50, and their two nephews – died in the accident.

A relative of Sompit, Pairoj Wanpukil, 58, told Kalasin Governor Kraisorn Kongchalard, who visited the victims’ families yesterday morning, that their whole family had been killed in the crash. “The family had good things going for them before this crash. It was most unfortunate,” Pairoj said.

“This is possibly the most devastating road crash ever in the province,” Kraisorn said. He also assured the deceased victims’ relatives that the Kalasin branch of the Office of Insurance Commission had reported the bus’s insurance company would pay Bt650,000 compensation to the families of each of the deceased.
The obvious thing to do here is to have all drivers screened for drug and alcohol abuse randomly during the course of their duties, this could be any time of the day or night. The reply “I would like to warn people to be careful and not drink while driving” does not help in this situation one bit.
The only way I see that might help is if Thai people make a class action suit against the bus company for not screening their drivers for drug and alcohol abuse, inadequate maintenance of busses. It has to make these companies responsible for the deeds of their employees and it would hurt them with the media attention and cost of going to court and to their bottom line. I know that this is more of a western way of dealing with this situation, but if anyone has a better idea for the poor folk affected here please let me know.
I am not sure but should there also be limits on how long a driver can operate a vehicle on a day to day basis with adequate rest stops in between. This would also be effective for any commercial driver.
Just my $0.02 worth.
Police said the driver Krissana had a history of drug offenses

‘Death Bus’ Driver Was Using Meth

Krissana Jutacheun in police custody Thursday night.

The driver of a tour bus that crashed and killed 18 passengers confessed to being high on meth at the time, police said Friday.

Krissana Jutacheun, 44, was arrested last night 7 kilometers from the scene of the crash after local residents noticed him wandering in an addled state and called police. Police had been looking for him since the night before, when he fled the deadly wreck that injured dozens of other passengers on their way home from a beach holiday.

“We found addictive substances after a urine test,” police Lt. Gen. Damrongsak Kittiprapan said Friday morning. “Krissana confessed that he had smoked yaa baa twice during this driving job, on the 19th and on the 20th.”

The Kalasin native has been charged with fatal reckless driving, refusing to aid injured passengers and drug use.

Damrongsak said police took Krissana to Pak Thong Chai Hospital to avoid a confrontation with the relatives of those who died in the accident who were camped out at the police station. Police said Krissana had a history of drug offenses.

While the wreck’s cause continues to be investigated, the accident has renewed calls for something to be done about the double-decker, long-haul buses involved in a disproportionate number of fatal accidents. Time and again, passenger deaths on such buses lead to calls for taking them off the roads, but state transport agencies have been unable or unwilling to follow through.

“We have to see what the reasons for the accidents are. Currently, we can’t enforce a lot of laws because it would burden citizens. We can fix them, but you should still be cautious,” Prayuth said. “A lot of accidents happen in more rural roads because we’re monitoring main roads. It’s really a death zone. So I would like to warn people to be careful and not drink while driving.”

After Krissana was arrested last night, he told police that he fled the chaotic scene after seeing the carnage. He said he walked through the forest, tired and hungry.

He said that just before the crash, the bus was entering a downhill curve when the brakes malfunctioned. He saw that there was a truck carrying sugar cane on his left so he swerved right, losing control of the bus as it hurtled across the center divider, clipped another truck and crashed into roadside shops.

He only suffered minor injuries.
Warning to all you guys if you don't want to get man handled when out playing with water, waving your little gun about soaking people  ::)
Don't dress sexy Oh! wait a minute, before KC  our very own proofreader  ;) jumps in, the article states, Local authorities are telling women to avoid dressing in sexy outfits, so i guess it is ok for guys, i don't really know, so do click on the link below for the article in full, so your not misinformed. do you think that sexual attacks on women are related to their outfits

Avoid sex assault: Don't dress sexy, says government

The Best Thailand Songkran Water Festival Sexy Hot Exotic Pattaya Soi 6 Bar Girls Having Fun

Land Transport Department to stop registering new double-decker buses

The Land Transport Department will stop accepting new registration of double-decker buses because they are more vulnerable to road accidents than ordinary buses, Transport Minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisith said Thursday (March 22).

He added that operators of existing double-decker buses would be required to bring their vehicles for examination whether they meet the safety standard of the Land Transport Department.

The tightening up of safety of double-decker buses and the move to stop new registration of double-decker buses, which is yet to become effective, follows a horrific bus accident in Wang Nam Khiao district of Nakhon Ratchasima on Wednesday (March 21) in which 18 people were killed and more than 30 injured.

According to road accident statistics involving tour buses for last year, there were altogether 171 incidents, 63 of them involved double-decker buses.  However, the number of casualties from accident involving a double-decker bus is six times higher than a normal bus.

The average height of a double decker is 4.3 metres compared to 3.6 metres for an ordinary bus. 

Minister Arkhom and his officials made an inspection trip to the site of the fatal accident on Route 304 between Prachin Buri and Nakhon Ratchasima.

After the inspection, the minister told the media that the accident was not caused by physical condition of the road as there were clear warning signs at different spots of the road.

He, however, said the ill-fated double-decker bus was old, equipped with GPS system and never got involved in an accident, but it has not been examined by inspectors of the Land Transport Department for the mid-year inspection.

The driver, he said, drove the bus at a speed of 83 kmh which was within the speed limit.  But because the road was heading downhill which was not so steep, he said the speed should not exceed 60 kmh.

To prevent future accident in the area, Mr Arkhom said he had ordered the Highways Department to increase the height of the road barrier to one metre from the current height of 80 cm to prevent cars from jumping over the barrier.

Dr Thanapong Jinvong, , manager of the Road Safety Group Thailand, disclosed that over 7,000 new double-decker buses were registered in 2016.  He recommended that the Land Transport Department should tighten up examination of double deckers to make sure that they are strong and safe.

He also said that double-decker buses should be banned from using some roads which are steep or downhill for a long distance without any stopping point.
Thai road-ragers go for it in Chaiyaphum - Nearly two million "viewers" watched on Facebook the Chaiyaphum fight between a group of ten wheel truck drivers.

ฟัดกันนัว..โชเฟอร์ 10 ล้อเลือดร้อนจอดรถตะลุมบอนกันกลางถนน ชาวเน็ตแห่ชมคลิปเฉียด 2 ล้าน
Expat News / Immigration shares foreign-resident database with tourism agency
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Immigration shares foreign-resident database with tourism agency

Banglamung District Chief Naris Niramaiwong opened a March 13 seminar on the joint project at the Jomtien Palm Beach Resort. The two agencies signed an agreement to collaborate on a database containing information on foreign residents and their accommodations.

Chonburi Immigration chief Pol. Col. Srongprode Sirisuka said the objective was to enhance security with DASTA wanting information on accommodation and residences of foreigners so police can locate any missing foreigners or criminals with records.
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