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Warning to all you guys if you don't want to get man handled when out playing with water, waving your little gun about soaking people  ::)
Don't dress sexy Oh! wait a minute, before KC  our very own proofreader jumps in, the article states, Local authorities are telling women to avoid dressing in sexy outfits, so i guess it is ok for guys, i don't really know, so do click on the link below for the article in full, so your not misinformed. do you think that sexual attacks on women are related to their outfits

Avoid sex assault: Don't dress sexy, says government

The Best Thailand Songkran Water Festival Sexy Hot Exotic Pattaya Soi 6 Bar Girls Having Fun

Land Transport Department to stop registering new double-decker buses

The Land Transport Department will stop accepting new registration of double-decker buses because they are more vulnerable to road accidents than ordinary buses, Transport Minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisith said Thursday (March 22).

He added that operators of existing double-decker buses would be required to bring their vehicles for examination whether they meet the safety standard of the Land Transport Department.

The tightening up of safety of double-decker buses and the move to stop new registration of double-decker buses, which is yet to become effective, follows a horrific bus accident in Wang Nam Khiao district of Nakhon Ratchasima on Wednesday (March 21) in which 18 people were killed and more than 30 injured.

According to road accident statistics involving tour buses for last year, there were altogether 171 incidents, 63 of them involved double-decker buses.  However, the number of casualties from accident involving a double-decker bus is six times higher than a normal bus.

The average height of a double decker is 4.3 metres compared to 3.6 metres for an ordinary bus. 

Minister Arkhom and his officials made an inspection trip to the site of the fatal accident on Route 304 between Prachin Buri and Nakhon Ratchasima.

After the inspection, the minister told the media that the accident was not caused by physical condition of the road as there were clear warning signs at different spots of the road.

He, however, said the ill-fated double-decker bus was old, equipped with GPS system and never got involved in an accident, but it has not been examined by inspectors of the Land Transport Department for the mid-year inspection.

The driver, he said, drove the bus at a speed of 83 kmh which was within the speed limit.  But because the road was heading downhill which was not so steep, he said the speed should not exceed 60 kmh.

To prevent future accident in the area, Mr Arkhom said he had ordered the Highways Department to increase the height of the road barrier to one metre from the current height of 80 cm to prevent cars from jumping over the barrier.

Dr Thanapong Jinvong, , manager of the Road Safety Group Thailand, disclosed that over 7,000 new double-decker buses were registered in 2016.  He recommended that the Land Transport Department should tighten up examination of double deckers to make sure that they are strong and safe.

He also said that double-decker buses should be banned from using some roads which are steep or downhill for a long distance without any stopping point.
Thai road-ragers go for it in Chaiyaphum - Nearly two million "viewers" watched on Facebook the Chaiyaphum fight between a group of ten wheel truck drivers.

ฟัดกันนัว..โชเฟอร์ 10 ล้อเลือดร้อนจอดรถตะลุมบอนกันกลางถนน ชาวเน็ตแห่ชมคลิปเฉียด 2 ล้าน
Immigration shares foreign-resident database with tourism agency

Banglamung District Chief Naris Niramaiwong opened a March 13 seminar on the joint project at the Jomtien Palm Beach Resort. The two agencies signed an agreement to collaborate on a database containing information on foreign residents and their accommodations.

Chonburi Immigration chief Pol. Col. Srongprode Sirisuka said the objective was to enhance security with DASTA wanting information on accommodation and residences of foreigners so police can locate any missing foreigners or criminals with records.
Reports from thai tv this morning, every body was happy singing on the bus taking them back home, the driver took yaba before the way out journey, then again on the way home. reports, Police rule out brake failure as skid marks were found on the road. Ya Ba traces were found in his urine which he admitted taking. they also reported that his driving license was out of date.

Maybe a drug testing programme nationwide for drivers should be put in place, might stop a lot more "brake failures." or "brain failures"

R.I.P. those innocent people who lost their lives

Police chief extends condolences to families of bus accident victims

The Commissioner General of the Royal Thai Police, Pol. Gen. Chakthip Chaijinda, has extended condolences to families of those killed and injured in a bus accident in Nakhon Ratchasima province.

A double-decker bus crashed in Wang Nam Khiao district, Nakhon Ratchasima, on Wednesday night (March 21st), killing 18 people and injuring 32 others.

The Royal Thai Police Spokesman, Pol. Col. Krissana Pattanacharoen, said the national police chief has instructed law enforcement officials in all areas to beef up safety measures on public transport, as the Songkran festival is approaching.

He also stressed on the importance of providing first aid for people injured by road accidents and the transfer of patients in a timely manner, as they are essential in saving people's lives.
With a Swerve, Pleasure Trip Takes Tragic Turn. Now Families Mourn

Crash survivor Somjit Jampasri, seated in red, comforts a crying woman.

 The families of those killed in a bus crash trickled in to retrieve their loved ones’ bodies Thursday as footage spread of passengers having fun before the deadly wreck.

Family members identified husbands, grandchildren and aunts who died when their bus hurtled over a center divider, clipped an oncoming truck and crashed into roadside shops last night in the Wang Nam Khiao district of Nakhon Ratchasima. Survivors and witnesses were on hand to recount what happened.

“The bus had been shaking side to side before the crash. I heard someone yell, ‘Brakes out!’ And many people in the bus got down on the floor,” Somjit Jampasri, one of the survivors, said this morning. “After the crash, I saw many dead people drowning in pools of blood.”

The double-decker bus went over the traffic island on the 304 Road after possible brake failure and broke apart after crashing into a tree and five roadside shops.

Although fatal bus accidents are common occurrences, no other accident has seized as much attention since 25 people were killed in a fiery Chonburi province wreck in January 2017, an accident that led to higher safety requirements for interprovincial vans.

The deceased bus passengers – 13 women and five men – included two girls and a boy. One family alone lost four people.

The trip was organized by Sompit Suthichom, and on the morning of the crash, she live streamed several videos of passengers dancing and having fun on the bus.

Today, family member Pairote Wangpikul, 58 of Kalasin province, was mourning Sompit, who died alongside her her husband and two grandchildren.

“I feel so sad. The family’s business was doing so well too,” Pairote said. “I don’t know what to do except wait to receive their bodies.”

A police review of GPS data found that the bus was traveling only 80kph at the time of the collision, lending credence to the possibility its brakes failed.

The driver fled the scene and is still on the run.

The bus was carrying 47 tourists from a beach in Chanthaburi province back to Kalasin province. Most were rice mill workers. Their bodies are currently at Wang Nam Khiao, Pak Thong Chai and Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima hospitals.

Kalasin Gov. Kraisorn Kongchalard said that the families would get about 650,000 baht compensation per victim.
bit more info (below) on the bus crash Wang Nam Khiao from as i understand from the media, the driver yelled out, the brakes are not working, these people must have been terrified not knowing what the out come would be, from what i observe whilst on the roads, the buses travel too fast. when i see one in the rear mirror i get out the way or they are on your back bumper. the bus’s insurance company would pay Bt650,000 compensation for each death. Does that make everything right  :-[

Shock and grief after 18 Kalasin residents killed in coach crash

 The tragic double-decker coach crash on Wednesday night in Nakhon Ratchasima has been followed by an outpouring of grief for the 18 deceased victims, all whom were from Kalasin’s Muang district, including tour guide Sompit, her husband and her two nephews.

A relative of Sompit, Pairoj, told Kalasin Governor Kraisorn Kongchalard, who visited victims’ families on Thursday morning, that the whole family had been killed in the crash. Kraisorn assured the deceased victims’ relatives that the Kalasin office of the Office of Insurance Commission had reported that the bus’s insurance company would pay Bt650,000 compensation for each death.

An additional 32 people were injured. The governor also set up a temporary centre at Muang city hall to identify the bodies. The coach had been chartered by a group of mill operators and their families to visit Chanthaburi on Monday.

The vehicle was on its way back to Kalasin when the driver lost control while entering a downhill curve, drove across a road island and slammed into trees and five roadside stalls in Nakhon Ratchasima’s Wang Nam Khieo district.
Harry George Buster needs a leg

Harry Harry Harry!! Our friend has been traveling Southeast Asia for the last 5 months. In that time he has been living life, capturing the energy of every moment. Looking forward to the next adventure.

Today on his way to extend his travel visa, Harry was riding a motorcycle near Kanchanaburi in Thailand, obeying the road rules, wearing a helmet and jacket when he was struck by a sugar cane truck turning across his path. The truck dragged him nearly 15 metres, in the process degloving Harry's right leg from above the knee.

He was rushed to the local hospital in a serious condition. Futher scans showed he had a shattered pelvis, multiple double bone breaks to his leg and three broken ribs to go with the degloved leg.

He was rushed into surgery where they were unable to save his leg and amputated above the knee.

Harry is now in the ICU, he is conscience but obviously in a lot of pain. He has a strong will, knows he has lost his leg, but says "at least I am alive".

Unfortunately he did not have travel insurance, his motorcycle was legally registered and therefore had insurance which covers some of the medical bills, but in reality only a VERY small percent.

The truck driver has told police it was not his fault and therefore it will go to court which could take months, if not years.

Now he is not looking for a hand out, he is merely looking for some support, bear in mind that past the medical bills there is going to be a huge journey ahead for him, with the need for a prosthetic leg down the track and learning to walk again.

So your money will help with everything, will show him how much he means to everyone and that there is good in the world.
War on Drugs / Police Drug Dealer Chase Goes Viral Online
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Police Drug Dealer Chase -

Police Drug Dealer Chase

Meanwhile in the USA / Re: Gunman Dead, 2 Injured In Maryland School Shooting
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Gunman Dead, 2 Injured In Maryland School Shooting

Gunman Dead, 2 Injured In Maryland School Shooting
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