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Meanwhile in the USA / Re: Trump wins presidency
« Last post by Johnnie F. on Today at 06:36:17 PM »
How could he "blame" him for meddling in the US 2016 election, if he had to thank him for managing to get elected against all odds? ::)
Shock as Trump backs Putin over US election meddling

President says past US policy 'foolish' but his summit remarks labelled 'treasonous'

 US President Donald Trump, facing a barrage of criticism for his comments during a news conference in Helsinki with Russian President Vladimir Putin, insisted in a post on Twitter yesterday that he has "GREAT confidence in MY intelligence people."

US lawmakers roundly condemned Mr Trump for his comments at the conference with Mr Putin - which followed a meeting between the two behind closed doors for two-plus hours - where he cast doubt on his own intelligence agencies' findings that Russia meddled with the 2016 US presidential election.

Standing side-by-side with Mr Putin, Mr Trump yesterday refused to blame the Russian leader for meddling in the US 2016 election, casting doubt on the findings of his own intelligence agencies and sparking a storm of criticism at home.

President Trump Holds a Joint Press Conference with the President of the Russian Federation
Trans fats ban could burn small businesses: expert

 Nutritionists praise health move but local bakeries brace for impacts.

THAILAND’S BAN on trans fats is being applauded by consumer protection activists and nutritionists but a food-industry expert says the government action could lead to chaos in small bakeries and dairy beverage businesses.

The ban will be enforced on January 8 next year, six months after the Public Health Ministry implemented a ministerial regulation to ban the production, import, and sale of products with partially hydrogenated oils. Those oils are the main source of trans fats, and medical researchers say their elimination will reduce people’s risk of cardiovascular disease.

 The science on trans fats is clear: they are linked to heart disease and diabetes, among other illnesses.

Nutritionist Sanga Damapong on Sunday said trans fats can be found in crispy snacks, french fries, cookies, shortening, margarine, non-dairy creamers and dry fast foods.

“Trans fats can cause many deaths because they contribute to the risk of cardiovascular disease,” he said.

Sanga said trans fats, a type of unsaturated fat, were first industrially produced from vegetable fats 50 to 60 years ago. They greatly reduce the cost of manufacturing some food products while extending their shelf-life, eliminating odour and arguably making food tastier.

“After they began being used commercially around the world, people noticed an increase in non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases – predominantly heart attacks and strokes – high blood pressure and diabetes,” Sanga said. “Studies were conducted and trans fats were identified as the culprit.”

He said the move should have little effect on Thai food manufacturers since the ministry had advised them that the ban was coming and they have already made adjustments. Also, they have another six months to alter product labels, he said.

Consumer protection activists are cheering the decision to ban trans fats in food and drinks, said Foundation for Consumers secretary-general Saree Aongsomwang. She urged the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and related agencies to regularly examine food and drink in the marketplace after the ban goes into full effect to make sure that all food producers follow the law.

“This is a progressive move to protect customers by reducing their health risk from daily consumption of food and drink. Until now, there has been no guarantee for health-conscious consumers that they could totally avoid trans fats in their food, due to a lack of detailed labels on products, Saree said.

“After this ban is in effect, consumers will no longer have to look for a ‘trans-fats free’ label to select healthy foods, as all varieties of food and drink will be required by law to be trans fats free. But it will need strict law enforcement and regular random inspections by the FDA and other related organisations.”

Saree agreed with Sanga that the six-month period before the ban begins is long enough for the food business to adapt to the law without affecting consumers.

Food-industry expert Wassaphon Saengseethong, also known as SchwedaKong, said large food companies have already adapted to the new regulations.

He said that only a few foods in the Thai marketplace have trans fats, but warned that small food and bakery businesses might find it hard to adapt to the new food guidelines.

“From my experience, it will be very hard for the small food and drink businesses to adapt to this new regulation. The main ingredients for their bakery products and dairy beverages, such as coffee and milk tea, require margarine, shortening, and non-dairy creamer as a cheaper and preferred substitute for real dairy products,” Wassaphon said.

“This ban may temporarily affect the price of food and drink. After businesses have adapted to this ban, the situation will go back to normal.”
Isaan News / Mukdahan airport study
« Last post by thaiga on Today at 02:35:00 PM »
Mukdahan airport study to cost Bt6 million

The Airports Department will spend Bt6 million to conduct a feasibility study for building an international airport in the northeastern province of Mukdahan.

If built, the new Mukdahan airport would become Thailand’s 30th international airport, said Darun Saengchai, department director-general.

Planning for a feasibility study began after Transport Minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisith recently visited the province and local people called for an airport, Darun said.

He said Mukdahan has the potential for an international airport, as the province could be developed into a border economic zone with a link to Laos’ Savannakhet city.

The study will be done by a consultant yet to be hired, and completed by March of next year, said Darun.

Two public hearings will be held in Mukdahan, with the first on July 23. The study would select a location for the airport and the length of the runway as well, he said.

If approved by the Cabinet, an environmental study will be carried out and a budget for the airport construction will be sought from the government, Darun said.

Tesla shares fall after CEO Musk abuses British caver

The stock sell-off knocked almost $2 billion off the company's market value.The billionaire entrepreneur's spat with British caver Vernon Unsworth started last week, after rescue teams rejected Musk's offer of a mini-submarine reports
Half as serious and less / stop i wanna get off
« Last post by nan on Today at 12:08:22 PM »
China's most complicated interchange

China's most complicated interchange
General Discussions / Re: Real Thailand
« Last post by nan on Today at 12:06:11 PM »
y no farangs

แห่บุญผะเหวด โดยรถแห่แท็ททู ไลท์แอนซาวด์ อุดรธานี
New(s) to Korat town and/or this forum? / Re: Moved to Korat and ready for tennis
« Last post by dawn on Yesterday at 09:24:45 PM »
Hi david

long way to go Phuket for a game of tennis .. even though i like kamala very much  :)
General Discussions / Re: 13 trapped in a cave,12 boys and their coach
« Last post by Not A Buffalo on Yesterday at 07:41:41 PM »
Unsworth used to be in the Buffalo family....   Didn't get on with guy but he is not a Pxxx
General Discussions / Re: 13 trapped in a cave,12 boys and their coach
« Last post by thaiga on Yesterday at 05:43:21 PM »
Now how are they going to fit this bit in the movie ::)

The story that rocked the world and ended full of joy as the 12 boys and their coach were saved has took a turn for the worst. not forgetting the heroe that lost his life R.I.P.

That is the best way t/t just "forget it" as everyone knows who the heroes are and who is throwing their toys out the pram. remember where we are and the defamation laws that slur could constitutes a horrendous criminal charge. why do people with famous as we have seen of late make a fool of themself.   BUT.... elon could even win a case like this as some will say he was provoked as he never started the rant.
Mr Unsworth let it go mate, Mr Musk has much deeper pockets

 If. If. If. You had any real evidence to support a claim like that you go to authorities. Not a twitter fight. Interesting read here:
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