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He would have done that for u i'm sure, the guys BANG on. lol
You didn't ask Paul to SHOOT out and get you one!! he he
Guess where all this talk about breakfast come from, Yes you'll find more odd comments in the link below

As a European this is how I imagine Americans have breakfast

TAU_equals_2PI 2184
The salad gun goes on the left side of the plate, not the right side.
(And in case you Europeans are wondering, the salad gun is for shooting yourself if there's nothing to eat but salad.)

Remember, wheel guns are for formal events, and semi auto's are for business meetings.

If it was really the "Full American" it would have a Colt 1911 not a german designed Sig.

Call me old fashioned, but I love to eat my daily bacon pile with a decent 12ga. pump action shotgun.

I hear ya. I'm more of a S&W Model 29 guy, unless it's Sunday morning then nothing beats the combo of fresh brewed coffee and a Winchester

loads more comments here

Had the pleasure of enjoying this English Breakfast was very good, not that I know much about English breakfast, but it was very close to the American Breakfast that I prefer... missed out on the gun though...guess they ran out?
It looks great VFM though and if it tastes as good as it looks......

I would'nt need to eat for 2 days after that monster food let alone all day lol

Kudos to Paul for serving up a great breakie  :cheers
I forgot to mention the price ( 150 Baht ) also includes a Tea or a Coffee!
Although were told by the experts in an article from that, ‘La Nina’ weather in 2018 increases likelihood of major flooding, do not panic as us here in northern Thailand are ...

Northern provinces told to brace for possible drought this summer

Local authorities in the North of Thailand have been instructed to ensure that there is enough water for household consumption this summer.

Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister, Kritsada Boonrach, traveled to Phitsanulok to open a seminar on the mobilization of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives’ policy in 17 northern provinces.

Local public agriculture agencies will be tasked with educating local farmers about marketing and large-scale farming practices. This is to increase their incomes and lower production costs.

Kritsada also told related agencies to take steps which are necessary to ensure sufficient water supplies for household consumption this summer.

Currently, the amount of water in all reservoirs combined is 40% greater than that of the same period last year. Despite the higher volume of water, farmers have been urged to grow drought-tolerant crops.
Transport & Traffic / Re: Driving in thailand - por lao
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por lao

THAILAND: How NOT To Reverse A Truck
Health Care / Re: Have you got health insurance
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Sadly gone, you might say this guys life was youtube and he parted on youtube, loving what he was doing, by just showing his everyday life in northern Thailand, getting a kick from having loads of subscribers and giving them entertainment along the way. So what, he earned a few bob, showing the people from around the world a look at the real Thailand.

For Graham
Had to chuckle at an article in the headed

Breakfast in America: Bacon, eggs, coffee and a gun

the eggs should be scrambled, Barrel should be pointing outwards, have a read, link above
Expat News / Re: Expats in Thailand - How happy and rich are they?
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Here are a few more:-

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