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General Discussions / Re: heartwarming moments - Finlay's Christmas Wish
« Last post by thaiga on Today at 12:47:48 PM »
Finlay's Christmas Wish
this clip from 2017 - Wonder how finlay is getting on as of today - makes you realise how lucky most of us are

Christmas has come early with the help of British Airways for 12-year-old football fan, Finlay Sangster, who has cerebral palsy.

Korat News / Re: UFO Spotted over Korat
« Last post by thaiga on Today at 12:22:46 PM »
spotted in Ranong - the sky turns green - no little green men seen as yet  :o
pics from
TAT says all arrivals must stay at ASQ facilities in Bangkok
All inbound tourists have to complete quarantine at alternative state quarantine (ASQ) facilities in Bangkok in the first stage of reopening, with direct flights to provinces still postponed, says the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

"As we are now in the pilot phase, Bangkok is the best equipped in terms of public health system and ASQ facilities to take care of international tourists. It is more manageable here if any cases emerge," said TAT governor Yuthasak Supasorn.

Transferring tourists to nearby provinces for quarantine leads to higher risk of virus exposure for more people, which could affect local sentiment towards bringing back foreigners.

However, tourists will be allowed to stay at alternative local state quarantine (ALSQ) in provincial areas, if demand increases in the next phase of reopening and the number of ALSQ sites is adequate to receive tourists, while local sentiment improves, he said.

In order to stimulate more tourism activities after quarantine in Bangkok, the agency will partner with Thai Airways International, the Thai Hotels Association and the Association of Thai Travel Agents to offer tour packages as well as help subsidise tourism expenditure for foreigners.

The tour packages will consist of one-day trips in Bangkok or other provinces that can travel by land and air transport.

Meanwhile, the TAT plans to loosen more regulations for the domestic stimulus campaign to reach the goal of 5 million room nights and 2 million air ticket redemptions, which expires on Jan 31 next year.

As of Oct 22, only 1.9 million room nights have been redeemed, contributing 5.3 billion baht to 4,414 hotels nationwide.

In terms of air tickets, around 100,000 tickets or 203 million baht have been used.

Mr Yuthasak said the government will extend eligibility to unlicensed hotels that have taxpayer identification number.

Tour operators that can provide premium tour packages for Thai outbound tourists and the elderly will also be allowed to join the campaign.

The TAT is scheduled to talk today with online travel agencies, including Agoda, Traveloka and Ascend Travel, about the plan to sell tour packages on their platform without charging operators a commission fee and allow tour operators to pay only 2% of transaction fee. These platforms will make booking easier for tourists.

Tourists will be able to buy air tickets with instant discounts to create more air traffic which differs from the current regulation that require room booking first.

The TAT is working on the possibility of gift vouchers for hotel rooms, spa service or restaurants which will benefit hotel chains in Thailand.
Thailand News / Re: Covid-19: Thailand situation, 30 October 2020
« Last post by thaiga on Today at 11:09:20 AM »
Thailand situation, 30 October 2020
- Total confirmed: 3,775 (+12)
- Recovered: 3,585 (+15)
- Active cases: 131
- Deaths: 59 (+0)
credit @ thaimoph
Half as serious and less / Re: threadbear
« Last post by thaiga on Today at 12:32:09 AM »
double clip 2 bears in one twice the fun, ted & paddington
The Making Of Ted  -  so he's not real then ;)

hard to replace is ted, but who knows they might make a ted 3 series.
what made him so popular, might be his vulgarity. so now paddington it is or should i say polite paddington ::)

the Unsung Hero
Sometimes a situation calls for a quiet hero with a four paws and a passion for marmalade. Watch as Paddington grapples with fate to save the day.

General Discussions / Re: oh! i want one
« Last post by thaiga on Today at 12:15:20 AM »
Hot Tub Cadillac - going for a spin & dip at the same time.
you'd better off puting some wheels on yer bath tub. no peeing in there mate. car pooling at it's best.

General Discussions / Re: The skys the limit
« Last post by thaiga on Today at 12:11:50 AM »
PILOT DIES, Passenger Lands King Air
NEW 2020 EDITION Pilot dies in flight.  ***DISCLAIMER***   The Hero passenger who lands the King Air Turbo Prop and saves his family had earned a Private Pilot's License 18 years prior to this incident.  He quit flying shortly after with only 80 hours total time logged.

General Discussions / Re: call it home
« Last post by thaiga on Today at 12:07:23 AM »
call it home
Living in a Water Tower Converted into 3 Story Luxury Home
Once an essential stop for trains to load up on water, this tower is now a luxury four bedroom home with a panoramic view of the beach. Good for you mate you show your passion for your converted home and are proud of it. has a secret room that would be great for kids and an elevator.

General Discussions / Re: Sad Day for Anoraks
« Last post by thaiga on Today at 12:04:32 AM »
"A TPO from the Footplate!" of Britannia Class No.70013 "Oliver Cromwell"
I see Dave likes playing with his whistle doesn't he!. Great clip of the cab action.

"I am a massive mighty creature. When fed and watered I am Engergy, I am Effort, I am power. I am a product of the skill of man, and therefore respond to Man's commands. When I am unleashed I am a furious, rushing beast of burden. Industry and Commerce cannot do without me. I am essential in Peace and War. I am the STEAM LOCOMOTIVE"
Taken from "Meet the Locomotive" by R. Bernard Way (1947)

Hundreds of homes flooded as Moon River overflows in Phimai
More than 400 houses in 31 villages were flooded after the rain swollen Moon River burst its banks in Phimai district on Thursday.

The flooding had affected all 12 tambons of this district.

A total of 437 houses at 31 villages in tambon Nai Muang, tambon Samrit, tambon Than Lalod, tambon Krabueng Yai, tambon Tha Luang and tambon Dong Yai were inundated. Floodwater was over 50cm deep, said Amnuay Pongnan, chief of Phimai district.

A total of 3,562 rai of farm fields were also damaged. Local officials were distributing relief goods and drinking water to affected households, he said. 
full article

(pic below) Flooded police living quarters in Phimai district, Nakhon Ratchasima, after the Moon River burst its banks on Thursday, inundating hundreds of homes.(Photo: Prasit Tangprasert)
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