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Transport & Traffic / Re: Driving in thailand - spot the offences
« Last post by dawn on Today at 05:45:46 PM »
how many offence can you spot in in this clip

เข้าปั้มน้ำมัน แบบมักง่าย

General Discussions / The cheapest places in the world to live
« Last post by dawn on Today at 05:40:08 PM »
what a surprise Thailand is not on the list,so where do you get the best bang for your buck  :o if your going to retire and live there then suprisingly enough  Malaysia which was once a British colony where the cost of living is low and english is spoken is in 1st place. going across to the other side of the world and in second place is Mexico,a lot cheaper for the westerner than his own country. third place is Vietnam, has Thailand got more expensive then, i'm sure you can still find some bargains here, nod! nod! wink! wink! if you know where to look.

The Cheapest Places in the World to Live

link here:

13 injured when speeding pickup hits three vehicles in Korat

A speeding pickup truck hit three vehicles on the opposite side of the road in Nakhon Ratchasima on Sunday evening, causing 13 injuries.

The accident happened at 6.45pm on the Dan Khunthod-Nong Suang road in Dan Khunthod district.

Police said the truck driver, Suchart, 53, who was among the injured, was suspected of being under the influence of alcohol at the time.

Witnesses said his pickup was speeding and was seen swaying left and right before it hit the three vehicles in the opposite lane.

Police said Suchart's pickup first hit a car driven by Prachuap, 49, before it lost control and hit a pickup driven by Sakhon, 43, and continued to hit a pickup driven by Aroon, 55.

All the injured were taken to Dan Khunthod Hospital.
nice 1 ron enjoy


Distressed Monk Ascends Tower to Save Monastery

Distressed Monk Ascends Tower to Save Monastery
Half as serious and less / Re: Joke
« Last post by thaiga on Yesterday at 08:34:19 PM »
interesting post on reddit, Thai people love owning new cars so much, infact they spend more on their cars as on their home, the logic being they can go anywhere with their new red plate, for people to see, but they can't drag their condo around the same ::) is it all a status symbol, nah it's so easy to get a credit.

TIL new cars cost more than new condos in Thailand and yet Thailand has the highest car ownership to income ratio

Cars are a status symbol in Thailand, especially Bangkok, and people love status symbols.

Gold, handbags, smartphones, designer clothing, mistresses, etc. It's all just different levels of status symbols and for most people. Cars are sort of the best status symbol that most regular people can attain.

Not many people ever see your condo, so why not spend most of your money on a car to drive around and show off to your friends. Plus it seems almost anyone can get a long term loan in Thailand, so it's possible to spread out 1.5 million baht over 7-10 years, although it probably isn't a wise financial decision...

Very true. I lived in 4k a month 25 sqm apartment while between jobs, and there were brand new cars in the car park, even BMWs and Mercedes.

When i asked how they afford such cars, but have such crappy apartments, my girlfriend explained it just as you have.

Many people will also have a real home somewhere in the provinces, and just use the cheap 4k studio to be near work. No sense wasting money on rent when you have a real home somewhere else.

Used car market here is pretty big. Those merc and BMW price drop pretty significantly if you get them second hand. They are not as expensive as it seems.

In my experience cars hold their value considerably better here than in the UK. When my wife told me she wanted 50k for her knacked old car that I would have just scrapped I laughed and then she ended up selling it for 80k.

more comments here
Korat Internet & Technology Forum / give the dog a bone
« Last post by thaiga on Yesterday at 02:35:31 PM »
Boston dynamics will start selling its dog like spotmini robot in2019

SpotMini Autonomous Navigation
Energy & Environment / Rainwater filling up 5 Korat dams
« Last post by thaiga on Yesterday at 02:23:31 PM »
Rainwater filling up 5 Korat dams

The water levels at five major dams in this northeastern provinces have continued to rise due to continuous rain, allaying future drought concerns, an official said.

Chidchanok Somprasert, director of the 8th Irrigation Office, said the volume of water at the five dams -- Lam Takhong, Lam Mun Bon, Lam Sae, Lam Phra Phloeng and Lam Plai Mat -- as of May 19 was a total of 527 million cubic metres.

Lam Takhong Dam in Si Khiu district now has about 115 million c/m of water, or 42% of the full capacy of 275 million c/m; Lam Mun Bon Dam in Khon Buri district 74 million c/m of water, or 53% of the 141 million c/m capacity; Lam Sae Dam in Khon Buri district 115 million c/m of water, 42% of the 275 million c/m capacity; Lam Phra Phloeng Dam in Pak Thong Chai district 101 million c/m of water, 66% of the 155 million c/m capacity; and Lam Plai Mat Dam in Soeng Sang district 64 million c/m of water, 66% of the 98 million c/m capacity.

Mr Chidchanok said the overall water situation in the province is better than last year. However, rain intervals between June-August are still of concern.

If the rain continues at this level, the province is unlikely to face a water shortage until early next year, he added.
Transport & Traffic / Three workers killed, six injured in Korat accident
« Last post by Johnnie F. on Yesterday at 12:20:46 PM »
NAKHON RATCHASIMA: Three female factory workers were killed and six others injured, one of them seriously, in an accident in Kham Thale So district of this northeastern province on Saturday, police said.

Pol Lt Col Kittipong Panthu, a Kham Thale So police investigator, said the accident occurred at about 4.55pm at a three-way junction on Kham Thale So-Nong Suang road, involving a mini-bus and a motorcycle.

A police investigation revealed that the mini-bus was taking 11 female workers from Ban Wang in Non Thai district to work at Laem Thong factory in Sung Noen district when a motorcycle, driven by Thongdaeng J., 63, cut in front of it. The mini-bus hit the motorcycle, before skidding off the road and ramming into a power post.

Nine workers were injured in the violent impact and admitted to Kham Thale So and Theparat hospitals. Three of them died on arriving at the hospitals. One of the six others, who was seriously injured, was referred to Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital.

The motorcycle driver was not hurt.
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