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When 90 days in only 80 days
« on: August 31, 2015, 04:27:39 PM »
My fellow Farang’s, I have just completed my online 90 day reporting as is requested by the imm’ department. But before I start my rant, I will say that before the online reporting I did my reporting on the required date or just before if it was in the weekend so that in my calendar on my computer it was easy to just have a recurring 90 day task scheduled throughout the year.

So my 90 days is up on 2015-09-07, the Imm web site says one must fill out the report from 15 to 7days prior to the due date, which in my circumstance is between 2015-08-24 & 2015-08-31. I filled mine out on Monday the 24th to see where this would go, as others had had some different experience with the on line reporting, some good some not so good.
I checked the web site on Friday the 28th at 18:44 hrs and the report was pending. On reaching Sunday the 30th of the month and no email from Imm, I checked again and the web site at 21:20 hrs and found that the report was approved. I found that one must keep checking the Imm web site to see when it is approved.
Now the approved form tells me that I have to notify again on 2015-11-25!!! If I back off 90 days from this date it tells me that my notification was “Approved” on some time on 2015-08-27.
Now if I had waited until 2015-09-07 and done as before in person ay my local Imm department, my next 90 day reporting would be 2015-12-06, so I have been short changed out of 10 days if I was to keep doing my reporting on the 90th day. I know last time I did my report the clerk at the desk told me to do it on line, it old them I was away and not able to get to internet.

But there is nothing to stop one from fronting up on your due date and the Imm department have to process your report, as is stated on their web site below.

Failure to complete the online application form properly and failure to submit the required information may affect your chances of apply notification 90 days online.
           The applicant (or authorize someone to file for you, only in case of not overdue), must come to the nearest Immigration Office or Branch Office in your residence area. The applicant will need to bring the following required documents:
          • Your Original passport
          • Your departure card (TM.6)
          • Previous receipt of notifications (if any)
          • Completely filled in and signed notification form TM.47

Immigration offices throughout the country, particularly the provincial Immigration Office responsible for the area of your residence.

They have to keep the 90 day office open for all the foreign workers that one see’s going in there with their Thai bosses.

So there is a chance that over the course of your 12 month extension to stay on could possibly end up having to do your “90 Day report” 5 times instead of 4.

Also for whoever programed their web site, it is atrocious, I have just been filling out and searching on the Canadian Gov’ web site, where most things are easy to find, if I cannot find them I ask Google to help with searching for the information that one requires.

I down loaded the guide for filling out the online form, well that’s a piece of useless software as it is all in Thai and not even an Engrish version is available, not that I could find.

Just my $0.02 worth from this latest experience.