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Renewing 5yr driving licence
« on: August 06, 2014, 12:34:41 PM »
Renewing 5yr driving licence

Yesterday i renewed my 5ry driving licence. for the certificate at immigration they asked for:

2 copies of everything on passport.
2 copies of spouse id
2 copies of housebook
2 photographs and of course passport.

She then give me the certificate with 1 of each of the photocopies back
in a brown envelope to give to licence department along with my passport.

Neither immigration or the licence department mentioned medical certificate.

I got at the licence centre at 1pm (phimai) took the colour, perception and reflection tests then was ushered into a room full of people who was watching a video,these were applying for their first licence,after the video she gave them a pep talk.

With mrs.t as my translator this is what i'm led to beleive.

There are now 50 questions on the computer you have to get at least 45 out of 50 right to pass.
 (Time limit 1hr)

If you fail you go back the next day and then the next till you pass.

If you let your expired licence lapse for more than a year then you have to do the full test again.

The last two so called 5yr licences i got have been for 6yrs all but a day, by going the day after your licence expires (which is always on your birthday) the 5yrs will start from your next birthday, hence almost 6 yrs.
In my case anyway.

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