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Re: Pink Thai ID Card for foreigners available
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Go along to your pyb, explain, he/she or one of his/her staff will accompany you i'm sure.

Some say they have no problem getting the yellow book, others do have a difficult time, but if they don't want you to have it, they will not give you one, as in losing  :blank:

here's a post from 2012 rawhod t/v

Twice attempted to get a Yellow Book...

After a preliminary visit we were told what we needed; 'O' Visa, copy passport, residence letter from immigration ,copy Blue Book, copy Thai gf id card, two witnesses complete with copy Blue Book and id cards.

Had everything for Attempt No. One.

Not quite sure what happened but we were told "Not this time but if you marry, come back and you can get a Yellow Book"

Subsequently we married.

Back for attempt No Two.

Different staff in the office...

Took everything as attempt one but with the addition of marriage cerificate.

After about 45 mins they produced a Yellow Book, so I had one in my hands briefly, but they decided that we needed " A government employee witness as well as the two we had"

This seems in line with other peoples experiences...The goal posts seem to keep moving.
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Re: Pink Thai ID Card for foreigners available
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not a buffalo hmmm. NO... That's not the right way

how can they find witnesses at the amphur to vouch for you,and verify that it's you,when they don't know you ::)
surely your wife family have kids at school go along and ask a teacher.

the book is not a necessity anyway, enjoy your life.

Thaiga this is just one of the many Big issues ;)
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