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One man's story ( no visas for you )
« on: May 19, 2014, 06:19:01 PM »
Interesting story on visa runs,worth a read but has a bit of foul language in it. True or not who knows.

How Thailand's new visa regulations forced me to leave,and why i might not return.

There is still a bad taste in my mouth. No, it isn’t from the beef on a stick which turned out to be liver that I had eaten for lunch in the market in Mae Sai this day. That bad taste in my mouth was from an experience that happened on my recent visa run in Thailand. An experience that may have very well tainted the country for me and my desire to return to teach English.

Confusion spun in my head, which eventually began to boil into anger. I was standing inside the passport control office in the great blue building — the exit gate of Thailand into Myanmar — and I was being yelled at for no reason obvious to me. The small Thai lady behind the counter had taken my passport, given a quick glance at it, and returned it to me with a stern “No”.

I had no clue why she was barring me from exiting into Myanmar which I had done numerous times before, so of course I asked why.

“Because you no leave. Go!”and she shooed me away with her hand.

So again I pressed for information, politely of course, stating that I had done this previously with no issues.

“New regulations, you no leave. Speak with my boss” she said, while waving over the next person in line. But I wasn’t going to just turn away and retreat without some clear answer as to why I couldn’t do the visa run.

“Okay, where is your boss?” I asked.

“Bangkok. You go speak to him.” she said without even looking up at me.

“What is his phone number?” I asked.

And that is when I got pissed off. After asking for the phone number to her supervisor, a different officer behind her laughed at me. The woman I had been speaking to shook head and said, “No, leave.”

I took a deep breath and a step back so I could see if there would be an issue with anyone else in the line. The next person to approach was a girl from Canada come to find out later. After she handed the same border guard her passport and the woman looked at it, she said the same thing as she did to me.

“No, cannot, new regulations.”

Obviously the girl was just as confused as I was, so she began questioning the reasoning behind this refusal as well. And she had the same luck I did. At this point, a crowd of failed attempts from foreigners trying to either cross into Myanmar or to do a visa run was gathering outside the gate. I was the only United States dude; there were also two Germans, one French, two Dominican Republic, and someone from the United Kingdom. And that Canadian girl now.

“They denied me as well” seemed to be the tune of the morning for everyone, and nobody had any information on why we couldn’t cross the border.

So with a dying phone I began scouring forums and Thailand groups on Facebook with a desperate message of something around the lines of “What the f--k is going on?!” In one group, comments began flooding in about some sort of sudden visa regulation changes that had dropped that very morning without notice.

Apparently the only information was in the form of an article posted in the newspaper, but otherwise there was no prior warning. Rumor and speculation flooded the forums, but it seemed as though visa runs (crossing the border and coming back in for an extension of time) were being axed for people with three previous Thailand stamps in their passport.

As I was giving updates to the group outside the gate, it caused even more confusion. Granted I had done 5 visa runs already, the girl who had approached after me had just flown into Thailand and had never received an exit stamp so that wouldn’t apply. Others were on their first or second stamp as well and were being denied.

Knowing that my bus was going to be leaving in the next hour and that my visa was expiring that very day, I was desperate to figure out the issue. I approached the window again behind an older Quebecois woman who was just being denied through as well. The Thai woman in the window gave her as much explanation as me, so when the woman started complaining about them not telling us more information, a male Thai guard came to the window and with a raised voice said, “No! Go! No visa runs, no visas for you!” More link below.

Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.

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Re: One man's story ( no visas for you )
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2014, 06:50:17 PM »
I have very little sympathy for the writer despite the rudeness he encountered.  From his blog it is clear that he is both extremely short of cash and not the best at planning ahead (the 2nd is surely a pre-requisite if the first is true!)

In his blog entry at he writes about being forced to buy an onward ticket for a visa on arrival to Thailand before he even leaves the U.S, which has been standard practise at UK airports for some time and has been written about numerous times online.  This was at the start of his travels despite the fact that he was planning to stay in Thailand for a year and teach - on a passport that will be covered in "Strictly no employment" stamps.

If there is truth in his account, which there may well be, I have some sympathy for his fellow travelers on their first visa run, but little for him.  The fact that he then continues to weigh in with some derogatory and stereotypical insults to the married westerners that have lived here for some time does nothing to endear me to him either!

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Re: One man's story ( no visas for you )
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2014, 07:00:51 PM »
I'm sorry to add to that, as I was board, I checked out Chuck's (the blogger's) inspiration for travelling entitled "Death: My Travel Inspiration." (not joking!) and now feel like slitting my own wrists.  Needless to say that his sympathy quotient is heading from zero into the negative.

Personally, I'd have let him out of the country as quickly as possible and then not let him back in....or maybe I'm just getting old.

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Re: One man's story ( no visas for you )
« Reply #3 on: May 20, 2014, 07:50:59 PM »
"which I had done numerous times before"

The new rules, well actually old rules, is that you can only do these tourist visa runs three times, and then you have to leave the country for six months.  This rule was put into place for foreigners who conveniently just cross the border every thirty days in order to get their passport stamped, then come back to Thailand without having to get the proper Non-O or Non-B visa.  Som nom na.

Have a look at how many stamps he has in his passport.... Taken from his blog.  Says it all.  With this many stamps in his passport, red flags are sure to go up at ANY immigration check point. What an idiot.