Author Topic: New Visa Rules For Fathers Of Thai Children  (Read 877 times)

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New Visa Rules For Fathers Of Thai Children
« on: February 21, 2012, 03:10:22 PM »

    We have received this message from The Hon Consul at the Royal Thai Consulate Hull.

 Dear News Editor

I would be obliged if you would post the following message from the Royal Thai Consulate, Hull UK regarding the Expat Forum Topic "Non Imm Visa When You Have Thai Child":-

"Message from the Royal Thai Consulate in Hull (UK).
Please note that it is no longer possible to obtain a non immigrant visa from the Royal Thai Embassy or from any of the Royal Thai Consulates in the UK on the basis that you are the father of a child living in Thailand even if you possess the child's birth certificate which shows you as the father. To be eligible to apply for this type of visa you must also be married to the mother of the child and have an official marriage certificate."

Can you also please inform your readers that they must never post their passport from Thailand to any other country for any reason because there will not be any evidence in their passport to show that they exited Thailand.

Thank you and kind regards

Alan P Taylor
Hon Consul
Royal Thai Consulate
4 Priory Court
Saxon Way
HU13 9PB
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