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A new form of medical certificates to be introduced March 1 for driving license applications

Starting March 1, applicants for a driving license will be required to produce a new form of medical certificate from qualified doctor certifying that he/she is free from five diseases namely elephantiasis, tuberculosis, alcoholism, leprosy and drugs addiction.

On top of that, Land Transport Department director-general Sanit Promwong said applicants for a driving license must fill in his/her medical record, record of accidents and surgeries and treatment in hospitals.

Also, he said the doctors who issued the certificates to the applicants must certify that the applicants are not disabled to the extent that they cannot perform their duties; do not suffer from mental illness or being mentally disabled or showing symptoms of drug abuse or chronic alcoholism and do not have symptoms of leprosy which are communicable and symptoms of tuberculosis in dangerous stage.

Mr Sanit added that any motorists who have already had driving licenses but who might suffer from seizure disorder or symptoms from high blood pressure which might cause accidents, might have their licenses revoked the registrars for public safety.

Meanwhile, Medical Council deputy secretary-general Dr Itthiporn Khanacharoen said that the Medical Council had endorsed the new form of medical certificates which has two parts.

One of the two parts is to be filled in by the applicants specifying his diseases that are not detected by doctors. The second part is to be filled in by doctors certifying the diseases examined.
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