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Homeless farang to be deported
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Responding finally to public complaints concerning homeless and mentally ill wandering the streets, Pattaya City Hall summoned a meeting of social development, hospital and immigration officials to examine the growing problem.Deputy Mayor Ronakit Ekasingh pointed out that Thailand does not specifically outlaw homeless nationals except those under 18 or certifiably mentally ill.

Not so for foreigners. Nationals from Cambodia, Laos and Mynamar could be deported immediately if they were homeless or illegal workers.  Immigration Police regularly deport men, women and children from these countries, but they typically return within weeks.

Homeless and mentally ill foreigners from tourist countries, especially Europeans, are an increasingly common problem on the streets of Pattaya, the meeting was told. Typically they had lapsed visas or had lost their passports and were prosecuted for immigration offences before becoming the responsibility of their embassies at the deportation stage.
Embassies varied in their reaction to this problem, some being more helpful than others.
The small but growing number with mental issues often had run out of money or medications. In these cases, embassies were contacted for assistance; they sometimes reached out to concerned friends or relatives. Thai authorities try to help in such difficult cases, but they were not able to provide social welfare or free hospitalization. Hospitals were concerned about farang being “dumped” on them for care and medication.
Requiring foreign visitors to have medical insurance was not the solution as many are  excluded from cover based on age or pre-existing conditions.
It was agreed that it is important that all visitors to Thailand must be able to pay for any and all potential crises.
Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined.


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Re: Homeless farang to be deported
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That would screw up quite a few!