Author Topic: Briton Collared ♦ Illegal Entry as Immigration Targets No-Visa Expats  (Read 866 times)

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Briton Collared for Illegal Entry as Phuket Immigration Targets No-Visa Expats
PHUKET: A British man who admitted entering Thailand illegally via Malaysia was arrested on Phuket today as Immigration officers cracked down on illegal expats on Phuket.

Immigration officers arrested Richard James Daffurn, 44, as he walked along Phuket Road in Old Phuket Town about 10am.

It was the second arrest by Immigration officers of expats illegally on Phuket in the space of two days.

Canadian James H. Nelson, 64, was due to face court today after being arrested yesterday with a visa that had not been renewed since November 2010.

A tip-off is also believed to have led to the arrest today of Mr Daffurn. Officers said they had been on the lookout for a man answering his description.

Mr Daffurn could not produce a passport when confronted today and was taken to Immigration HQ in Phuket City for qestioning.

There, it was established that he had arrived in Thailand in December 2010 and left in January 2011.

Mr Daffurn said that he subsequently entered Thailand illegally via the border with Malaysia. He is expected to face a fine or jail term for illegal entry followed by deportation.

It was not made clear whether Mr Daffurn had a work permit without having a visa and whether the case would create problems for his employer.

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Immigration certainly are tightening up on illegals.  :stab

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