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immigration crackdown
« on: September 29, 2018, 12:22:22 AM »

'Big Joke' tipped to be immigration chief

Deputy tourist police chief Surachate "Big Joke" Hakparn is tipped to become the new Immigration Bureau (IB) commissioner in the upcoming annual police reshuffle.

The Police Service Commission held a meeting Thursda to deliberate the reshuffle list involving officers in positions ranging from commanders to deputy commissioners general. The two-hour meeting was chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon, linked by the public to Pol Maj Gen Surachate and his rapid career rises.

A source at the meeting said Pol Maj Gen Surachate would be promoted to IB chief, a position which holds the rank of police lieutenant general.

He would replace Pol Lt Gen Sutthiphong Wongpin, who is tipped to be made the Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB) commissioner.

National police chief Pol Gen Chakthip Chaijinda, speaking after the meeting, said those attending had decided on promoting Pol Maj Gen Surachate due to his achievements. Pol Gen Chakthip, however, refused to disclose the new position of Pol Maj Gen Surachate as it was pending royal endorsement.

He said this year's reshuffle involves 255 positions. At present, the most senior officers in the Royal Thai Police are members of Classes 35 and 36 of the Royal Police Cadet Academy, he noted.

For those who are to be promoted to become bureau commissioners, they do not need to have worked for that bureau before, the police chief said.

Police lieutenant generals deal with management work and they can use their knowledge and expertise to work in any bureau, Pol Gen Chakthip noted.

Pol Maj Gen Surachate has recently been involved in controversies surrounding rape claims on Koh Tao in his current post as deputy tourist police chief.

He was earlier tipped to be made commissioner of the MPB or the Tourist Police Bureau.

The 48-year-old officer from Songkhla is a member of the RPCA's Class 47.

He rose through the ranks to become acting commander of the Office of the Commissioner General, in charge of policy coordination with the prime minister.

He was later made deputy commander of the Patrol and Special Operation Division and then chief of the Office of the Commissioner-General.

He was subsequently made commander of the Tourist Police Division and the Patrol and Special Operations Division.

Last month, Pol Maj Gen Surachate was named assistant spokesman for Gen Prawit. A source familiar with the matter revealed Pol Maj Gen Surachate retains strong ties with the deputy premier.

In the reshuffle list presented at the meeting, the source said Pol Lt Gen Chaiwat Ketworachai, an assistant national police chief, would be made a deputy commissioner general. He is from the same RPCA Class 36 as Pol Gen Chakthip.

The five new assistants to the police chief are: Pol Lt Gen Damrongsak Kittiprapas, commissioner of Provincial Police Region 3; Pol Lt Gen Suwat Chaengyodsuk, commissioner of Provincial Police Region 1; Pol Lt Gen Roy Ingpairoj, commissioner of the Police Education Bureau; Pol Lt Gen Piya Uthayo, chief of the RPCA; as well as Pol Lt Gen Thawitchart Palasak, chief of Provincial Police Region 6.

Meanwhile, Central Investigation Bureau deputy commissioner Pol Maj Gen Sutin Suppuang is tipped to become the new bureau chief.

Crime Suppression Division deputy commander Pol Col Jiraphob Phooridej is in line to be made division chief.

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As Maj-Gen Surachate Hakpan settles into his job as head of immigration with tough words, he is determined to stamp out back-handers. reports that "No Tip" signs would be going up at immigration centers. Top of his "to do" list are agents who rip people off for visas and create an honest transparency in immigration.

Note: Thairath actual words were NO TRIP i think we can asume they meant  no tip.


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Re: No Tips signage going up at Thai Immigration (pics)
« Reply #2 on: October 05, 2018, 12:47:01 AM »
 No Tips signage going up at Thai Immigration pics@

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Re: immigration - Hundreds of Foreigners Arrested in Record Raids
« Reply #3 on: October 05, 2018, 01:01:27 PM »
Hundreds of Foreigners Arrested in Record Raids

Police on Friday said hundreds of foreigners were arrested in another round of national raids targeting schools, hotels and restaurants.

A record 369 foreign nationals were arrested Thursday night from 337 locations, including in the capital’s Huai Khwang district, in an operation the immigration chief said was a joint effort between various law enforcement sectors. Maj. Gen. Surachet Hakpan began leading the operation when he was deputy commander of the tourist police.

He said 96 were captured for overstaying their visas, 131 for illegally entering the country and 142 for petty crimes.

More than 70 Chinese, Indians and Ghanaian were rounded up from Ratchada and Sutthisan areas for selling goods, as foreigners are not allowed to work in retail.

Surachet said the ongoing operation has seen almost 2,300 foreigners arrested and banned from entering Thailand in 35 raids.
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more detail from the

Some of the foreigners arrested during Friday morning's coordinated police raids on 337 premises in Bangkok and other provinces. (Photo: Tourist Police Bureau)

A total of 319 foreigners were arrested for immigration offences in the latest "outlaw tourists" raids, which targeted 337 locations across the country early on Friday morning.

They also arrested 50 Thai nationals on separate offences.

Combined teams of local, immigration, tourist police and other agencies descended on premises in Bangkok, Kanchanaburi, Nakhon Sawan and other provinces, targeting people at one language school, two secondary schools and 334 other places frequented by foreigners.

Pol Maj Gen Surachate Hakparn, acting Immigration Bureau chief, released details at a media briefing on Friday.

Also present were acting tourist police commissioner Pol Maj Gen Theeraphol Kuptanont and senior police officers from other agencies involved.

Ninety-six of those arrested (65 from Myanmar, 13 from India, 7 from Laos, 4 from Vietnam, 2 each from Cambodia and Russia, one each from China, Ghana and Nigeria) were charged with overstaying their visas.

The longest overstayer was Francis Okai, 36, a Ghanaian man caught in Bangkok 656 days after he should have left, followed by Arjun Kumar Yadav, 30, an Indian national caught in Kanchanaburi for overstaying 162 days, and a Vietnamese woman, Nguen Thi Ngoc, 28, who was arrested in Nakhon Sawan 60 days after her visa expired, Pol Maj Gen Surachate siad.

Another 131 (79 from Myanmar, 15 from Cambodia, 10 from Laos, 9 from China, 7 from Vietnam, 6 from India, one each from Malaysia, the Philippines, the USA, Ivory Coast, and another whose nationality was not released) were charged with illegal entry.

The remaining 142 (50 Thais, 48 from Laos, 21 from Cambodia, 14 from Myanmar, 4 from China, one each from India, Vietnam, Canada, Israel and the US) were charged with other offences.

The raids were the 21st phase of operation X-Ray Outlaw Foreigner, which aims to sweep out foreign criminals entering the country to commit crime, such as romance scams, credit card skimming and drug trafficking, and those who overstay their visas, the acting Immigration Bureau chief said.

To date, a total of 2,273 people had been arrested during raids at 4,496  locations across the country.  Authorities would continue the crackdown, imposed stricter measures and search more locations in tourist provinces and border areas to boost overall safety for tourists, he said.

All the arrested foreigners would be put on police blacklists and deported to their home countries,  Pol Maj Gen Surachate said.
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Re: immigration crackdown - visa changes being considered
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Foreigners nationwide being checked as visa changes being considered

The new immigration chief Maj-Gen Surachate Hakparn is making his presence felt promising to investigate 60,000 migrants in a crackdown on illegal workers. He is also promising changes in the way visa extensions are done.

INN reports that the crackdown began mid week, with media in tow, in the Huay Khwang, Nana and Khao San areas with the arrest of 59 people from Nigeria, Myanmar, Syria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, China and Palestine and some alleged Thai nominees.

Surachete says these people were found to be working illegally, entered Thailand illegally, failed to do their 90 day reports, were working under Thai nominees or a combination of offences.

The INN article poses the question: 60,000 foreigners in Thailand – are they legal?

Surachate promises justice for those following the rules – but says that he will arrest anyone who who didn’t have the correct paperwork, no matter where they lived in Thailand.

He also said that changes are being proposed regarding visa extensions giving the example that possessions of Thai wives, married to foreigners, could be used as collateral. He did not elaborate on any other changes and who the changes might affect.

source: content:
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No visa, lapsed visa means deportation within a month

Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan has told the Immigration Bureau to intensify its crackdown on foreigners without visas or overstaying visas and deport those arrested within one month.

Lt Gen Kongcheep Tantrawanit, spokesman for the Defence Ministry, said Prawit, who oversees security affairs, gave the order at a meeting of military, police and Interior Ministry security agencies on Monday morning.

Prawit told them to step up efforts to keep foreign tourists safe and to crack down on transnational criminals who enter the Kingdom posing as tourists.

The spokesman quoted Prawit as saying the government had received complaints about foreigners involved in illegal activities and businesses in several provinces including Bangkok.

The Immigration Bureau was told to strictly enforce the law, weed out foreigners without visas and overstaying their visas and deport them within one month.

It was told to check whether foreigners doing business here were working in professions that are legally reserved for Thais alone.

Pol Maj Gen Surachate “Big Joke” Hakpal was recently promoted to acting Immigration Bureau chief after spearheading a series of raids and spot checks that have so far found more than 1,000 foreigners without visas or overstaying their visas.

The bureau announced on its website on Monday that there were 1.6 million foreigners living in Thailand between January and August.

Canadians were the biggest group – 9,872 migrants – followed by 9,583 Dutch people, 9,566 Bangladeshis and 9,483 Italians.

During the same period, more than 10 million foreign tourists entered the Kingdom, the bureau said.
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Re: immigration crackdown - Unit owners condo face immigration fines
« Reply #7 on: October 09, 2018, 12:12:41 AM »
Original post Temple told to 'tone it down', bell annoys luxury condo

Unit owners at 'temple bell' condo face immigration fines

Police returned to the condominium complex at the centre of last week's temple bell dispute on Monday and found tenants had rented rooms out to foreigners without informing immigration authorities.

Wat Phraya Krai police and immigration police went back to the Star View twin-towers on Rama III Road to check on foreign tenants staying in 12 units there.

The inspection followed a visit on Friday during the dispute involving a resident annoyed by the daily ringing of a tower bell in the early morning by neighbouring Wat Sai, which put the condo complex in the public limelight. The temple agreed to tone down the ringing as a compromise between religion and the complainant.

Immigration police on Friday found Lee Seung-Kun, 42, staying in a room. The 42-year-old Korean was facing seven charges of fraud involving 190 million won (6 million baht) when he fled his home country and came to Thailand six years ago. He had changed his address several times, but his run ended at Star View.

Mr Lee was charged with overstaying his visa and will be deported to Korea to answer to the authorities there

Immigration Bureau chief-designate Surachate Hakparn said the checks on Monday did not find any foreigners staying illegally in the country. Police did find the owners of 12 units had rented the rooms out to foreigners and failed to inform authorities they were staying there by filing a TM 30 form, as required.

Pol Maj Gen Surachate said all would be fined under the Immigration Act.

The law requires the owner of a house or hotel to inform immigration police of foreigners living in their premises in person, by phone or by mail. If there is no nearby immigration office, the owner must inform a police station.

Failing to do so carries a fine of 2,000 baht in the case of a house or unit owner, and up to 10,000 baht for hotels.

A resident of Star View said police checked all vehicles moving out of the complex on Monday morning to ensure that any foreigners staying illegally could not escape.

Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon has a policy to root out all overstayers and illegal migrants within one month.

Defence Ministry spokesman Lt Gen Kongcheep Tantravanich said people in several communities in Bangkok and other provinces had lodged complaints about foreigners they suspected were conducting illegal activities or overstaying in the country.

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Re: immigration crackdown - 97 foreigners held in visa crackdown isaan
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97 foreigners held in visa crackdown

Ninety-seven foreigners had been arrested in the northeast for overstaying their visas or working illegally, Immigration Police acting regional director Maj General Natthawat Kandee told a press conference on Thursday.

Some had stayed illegally in Thailand for over a decade, he said, warning employers of serious punishments for hiring illegally.

Under Operation Zero Overstay, police on Wednesday searched Nong Khai, Ubon Ratchathani, Mukdahan, Nakhon Phanom, Loei, Si Sa Ket, Nakhon Ratchasima, Surin, Bung Kan, Khon Kaen, Udon Thani, Sakhon Nakhon, Amnat Charoen, Roi Et, Maha Sarakham, Chaiyaphum and Buri Ram.

 Those detained were mostly Indian, Laotian, Cambodian and Vietnamese with 27 overstaying their visas and 43 entering illegally. Nine worked without permission and two had not notified the authorities about their accommodation.

Police also charged 13 Thai homeowners for failing to notify the authorities about foreigners staying with them and three employers for taking on staff illegally, he added.

Natthawat said immigration police were also partially to blame for not performing proper checks.

He said crackdowns would continue periodically until they achieved Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan's goal of expelling all overstaying foreigners.

He said overstaying foreigners, once off the authorities' radar, were more likely to commit crimes such as fraud.
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Re: immigration crackdown - ‘Fake’ lawyer held after visa probe
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‘Fake’ lawyer held after visa probe

 A 50-year-old Thai man wanted for fraud was arrested on Thursday in Nonthaburi's Muang district, Immigration Bureau commissioner Pol Maj Gen Surachate Hakparn told a press conference in Bangkok.

Suspect allegedly told US tourists that he was a lawyer able to get a permanent visa for Bt20,000-Bt50,000.

He was wanted under an arrest warrant issued on October 8 by the Phra Khanong Provincial Court. Pairoj was caught at the Lumphini Ville condominium on Prachacheun Road.

 The arrest stemmed from a police complaint filed by a US expat in February who said Pairoj claimed to be a lawyer able to secure a permanent visa and work permit for foreigners without them needing to go to the government offices to apply for the documents.

Foreigners reportedly paid between Bt20,000 and Bt50,000 to Pairoj. The US victim allegedly paid Bt25,000 for a permanent visa and his Italian friend paid Bt49,000 for a work permit.

Surachate said the police probe had found Pairoj duped people many times over 10 years and he was wanted for another seven fraud arrest warrants in Bangkok, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Nakhon Ratchasima and Chiang Mai.

The police said Pairoj would go to tourist attractions to befriend potential victims with false promises.

Immigration and tourist police also worked to arrest 40 Indians who broke the law, 10 of whom had overstayed their visa and 30 others failed to present identification papers at the Sampgheng market in Bangkok's Samphanthawong district early on Thursday morning.

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Re: immigration crackdown
« Reply #10 on: October 19, 2018, 11:25:21 AM »
‘Big Joke’ vows to get rid of 7,000 overstaying foreigners by end of month

Acting Immigration Police chief Pol Maj Gen Surachate Hakpal, who recently got the job because of his relentless crackdowns on foreigners living unlawfully in the Kingdom, vowed on Friday to get rid of 7,000 overstaying foreigners by the end of this month.

Surachate, better known as “Big Joke”, made the promise in a 2.30am press conference at the Montien Hotel ar park on Surawong Road in Bangkok’s Bang Rak district.

He addressed reporters to announce the results of his 37th “Operation X-Ray Outlaw Foreigners” in which he had dispatched police to 265 locations around the country the day before. The targeted places included tourist destinations, language schools and private schools.

He 700 foreigners had been arrested during the latest crackdown. Of these, police found that 247 had sneaked into the country without a visa, 104 were overstayers and 349 had failed to report their residential addresses or violated the alien business law.

Immigration police and tourist police have so far checked 5,071 spots around the country and arrested 3,501 foreigners with either lapsed visas or no visas, Surachate said.

He said he has been told that a further 7,000 foreigners were still in Thailand on expired visas and all would be deported by the end of October.

He also threatened legal action against any Thai employers who hired overstaying foreigners or those without visas at all.

Surachate has targeting foreigners who had no right to be in Thailand since he was he deputy tourist police chief, when he labelled his first crackdown “Operation Black Eagle”.

He has habitually chosen odd hours to announce the results of his weekly crackdowns.
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Re: 730 foreigners rounded up 38th “X-Ray Outlaw Foreigner” operation
« Reply #11 on: November 02, 2018, 03:09:45 PM »
730 more foreigners rounded up in nationwide crackdowns

Immigration police carried out their latest nationwide search for foreigners living illegally in Thailand and made several hundred more arrests on Thursday.

Pol Maj Gen Itthipol Itthisarnronnachai, deputy commissioner of the Immigration Bureau, held a press conference at 1am on Friday to announce the results of the 38th “X-Ray Outlaw Foreigner” operation.

Itthitpol said the operation focused on 238 areas around the country and resulted in the arrest of 730 foreigners.

He said 42 of them were arrested for overstaying their visas, 277 for sneaking into the country without a visa, 83 for not doing their 90-day residential reports to immigration officials, 62 for staying in places other than the one reported to the immigration, 69 for working in professions reserved for Thais and 76 for various other offences.

Itthipol said the 38 operations had so far resulted in the arrest of 4,231 foreigners.
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