Author Topic: Just moved to the Nakhon Ratchasima Province! Any 20-somethings around?  (Read 2084 times)


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My name is Phil, from Manchester and I'm 22!

 I've just taken a job about an hour outside Korat, in Meaung Khong. Will be starting to teach at the high school come Monday.

I'm living in Meaung Khong, but with Korat so near was interested to see if there are any similar aged people around the area!



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Hi Phil. There are a number of expat pubs in town but Check Inn pub on Suranari Road is the most popular and is heaving on Friday/Saturday nights. There will meet loads of teachers like your self and also retired guys living here. Drop in and say hello, a good place to meet local foreigners in the area.


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Want to get some fun from this forum?
Me to so what's the plan 8)
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Go to happyland, the stories, U-Bar, etc... chat with the Johnny Walker girls.  Most are college girls and very nice.