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Title: moving to korat - have some immigration & bank questions
Post by: ChouDoufu on February 23, 2018, 04:34:55 PM
planning on moving to nakhon ratchasima with the ladyfriend once she has a job lined up. 
she will work.  i am on retirement extension.  have a few questions for local expats:
1.  are tm30 and tm28 forms required in korat?  (not here in bangkok).   if so, do y'all
normally do the tm30, or do landlords normally handle those? 
is a new tm30 required each time you leave the province or the country?

2.  i have accounts with bangkok bank and krungsri, with atm card and online access. 
how difficult is it to open new accounts if needed.....without work permit?
3.  will immigration provide residence certificates for vehicle purchase/registration?
4.  have 2-year bike/car licenses.  any problems getting the 5-year renewals from land transport?
5.  will immigration accept 800k in fixed accounts?  do passbook updates and bank guarantee
letters need to be dated same date as the application for extension?
thank you.