Author Topic: Two women escape death by diving under train ♦ video  (Read 713 times)

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Two women escape death by diving under train ♦ video
« on: July 30, 2014, 01:35:41 PM »

Dramatic surveillance video shows two women running for their lives on a railroad bridge, then dropping down on the tracks just before the train runs them over. Amazingly, both women survived.


"When the trains topped, the two women crawled out from under the engine, started running this way," Eric Powell, with Indiana Railroad, said. “(The conductor) yelled back and asked them, 'Are you okay?' One yelled she had stubbed her toe, (but was) otherwise fine. I'm sure their nerves were as shattered as his were." (

            Watching the video, It’s hard to believe that a stubbed toe was the worst of their physical injuries.

RAW: Train Runs Over Two Women Attempting To Cross Indiana Railroad Bridge; Women Survive

The incident happened earlier this month on the Indiana Railroad bridge northeast of Bloomington at Lake Lemon. The bridge is 80 feet high. There are no walkways because pedestrians are not allowed.

The 100-car coal train braked hard, Powell said, but was across the bridge before it was able to stop.

Indiana Railroad plans to prosecute the two women for criminal trespass to send a message to others.
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