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Miss America
« on: September 17, 2013, 02:12:41 PM »
The new Miss America is Nina Davuluri, She treated the audience to an amazing 'Bollywood Fusion' dance.

The audience was enthralled but she has since been insulted in Twitter. She has been called a Muslim, an Arab and a terrorist. All that despite the announcer's description of the dance, Miss Davuluri's dress and the dance style. She is of Indian descent, should anyone have any doubt.

It's very sad to see such bile combined with so much ignorance. I won't attempt to guess the nationalities of the offenders, 'though some make it clear themselves.

Enjoy the dance:

2014 Miss America Nina Davuluri Bollywood Dance Talent

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Re: Miss America
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"I have to rise above that," she said.  Good for her
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Re: Miss America
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