Author Topic: Hurricane Florence Threatens Carolinas, 1 Million Ordered Evacuate (video)  (Read 715 times)

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Hurricane Florence Threatens the Carolinas, 1 Million Ordered to Evacuate

As Hurricane Florence gained muscle over the Atlantic Ocean on Monday and sped toward the shores of North and South Carolina, government officials in both states were taking few chances, exhorting more than a million residents and tourists in coastal areas to grab their essentials, jump into their cars and head inland as part of a great coastal emptying.

The National Hurricane Center warned that the storm, which jumped to Category 4 strength on Monday with 140 mile-an-hour winds, could pummel the shore with life-threatening storm surges and soak a wide area with rains so heavy that freshwater flooding would become a major threat. It is expected to make landfall Thursday night near the North Carolina-South Carolina border.

In Myrtle Beach, S.C., Tneah Brown was listening to the warnings. At work on Monday afternoon, she weighed the many complications that would soon flow from the order issued by Gov. Henry McMaster of South Carolina, calling on people in  eight counties nearest the shore to get out.

Ms. Brown knew that evacuation was necessary. She also knew it would not be easy. There was her pit bull puppy, Kaya, to think of. And her little sister. And her sister’s 3-week-old baby. And the question of whether her mother would join them as they rushed out of town by noon Tuesday, when the governor’s order takes effect.

“I wasn’t nervous,” Ms. Brown said in a phone interview, “until there was a mandatory evacuation.”

Governor McMaster said at a Monday afternoon news conference that the lanes of two major divided highways — Interstate 26 and U.S. 501 — would be reversed to make them one-way, carrying traffic only away from the coast, and that two other routes might also be reversed if needed. Schools and state offices in the lower half of the state will be closed.

“We know that this evacuation order I’m issuing is going to be inconvenient for some people,” the governor said. “We do not want to risk one South Carolina life in this hurricane.”

In North Carolina, Gov. Roy Cooper asked President Trump on Monday to declare a federal state of emergency for his state. In coastal Dare County, the local emergency management agency announced a mandatory evacuation for all residents and visitors on Hatteras Island, the long, slender barrier island off the North Carolina coast, with a similar order to go into effect Tuesday for the rest of the county. Schools in 17 counties were expected to be closed on Tuesday.

“The forecast places North Carolina in the bull’s-eye of Hurricane Florence, and the storm is rapidly getting stronger,” Governor Cooper said. “When weather forecasters tell us ‘life-threatening,’ we know it’s serious. We are bracing for a hard hit.”

In Myrtle Beach, Ms. Brown said she had not yet decided where to flee to. She was thinking about Savannah, Ga., a few hours’ drive down the coast. She did not have a place to stay there, she said, but she was hoping it would be far enough south to be out of harm’s way.

And so it went. Across the coastal South, an order to clear out is an ever-looming and rarely pleasant possibility all through hurricane season, which officially lasts from June 1 through Nov. 30. Evacuation can often mean hours on choked freeways, followed by days idling in a motel, a shelter or on a friend’s sofa.

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Re: Hurricane Florence Threatens Carolinas. update (video)
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Hurricane Florence Threatens Carolinas. update

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Re: Tropical storm Florence in Carolina - update (video)
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Tropical storm Florence in Carolina

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