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World news alert World news alert!
« on: June 04, 2011, 09:35:17 AM »
"Sorry for the viagra spam this morning and hacking during the day.
That is life. Some people have nothing to do and like to make problems.
Now, it's probably even safer and better. We modified the firewall.

Hacking was from Russia. The inserted some scripts in PHP, into a folder. These were:


I was able to repaired the first part, but then, they hit again with these scripts.
My server deleted them.

I am not sure if I was hacked before. Spam, phishing and VERY common.
I had D-Dos attacks once or twice.

That was something else...but corrected, I think!"


"It will take few days to put back this website.

I can easily log with facebook and write on forum. But we still have problems with users log, and others.
Articles about Korat, Buriram, Ayutthaya, Khao Yai, etc... will be online soon. 1 or 2 days?
It will just be long to make a new menu because the site is completely re-designed.

And no, I don't know why Koratfarang is doing a maintenance. "

The website looks and navigates like complete sh*t.  And what?  No apology to the people he falsely accused?  He hasn't even the capability to know why KF was down for maintenance.  Hello?  Anyone home? I wonder if he's ever heard of Hexjector.