Author Topic: Trying to steal internet traffic (Copying web site names)  (Read 1200 times)

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Trying to steal internet traffic (Copying web site names)
« on: October 10, 2012, 10:33:48 AM »
In the past there have been a few incidents of people trying to impersonate web sites and forums in Korat by slightly altering the domain name.  For example the creation and copying of a Korat forum that was closed some time ago.

In the past few weeks, the announcement of a new web site offering legal services was established and opened for business. Within a week or so after that announcement "someone" went and opened a web site with almost the same identical name. The only difference is he removed the hyphen from the domain name. Coincidence?  I doubt it, as the person who did this just happens to be the former employer of the person who opened the first web site (the one with the name he’s tried to copy) and also in the same line of business.

Now I’ve ask my self this question. What kind of nasty, sneaky, undermining person would do something as low as this and more importantly, why, to a former employee of his who is just trying to open a new business and make an honest living?

Are any of you aware of someone like this residing in Korat, who would stoop so low and do such a thing?  I'll leave it to you to answer the question, but we all know who he his and his past track history of doing stuff like this in order to attract business.

Didn’t he do something similar to this in the past by impersonating a user on another forum and use that person’s username to advertise his business? 

It is obvious that he's hoping if someone does a Google search for let's say, legal services or something in Korat, his web site will pop up first and the inquires and traffic directed to "him" instead of the other web site, thereby attempting to intercept customers before they can contact the other web site owner and business.  All this by just removing the hyphen from the name of the original web site and registering it immediately. Clever, sneaky, and cunning comes to mind.

What this person fails to realize is that almost everyone knows what he's done and attempting to achieve, although he probably won't receive the results he's expecting. As a matter of fact I'd go one to say that he's probably caused more damage to himself. It is my belief that he has also miserably failed to understand that he has picked on a Thai person, (which he is not)  and that is not a smart thing to do in Thailand.

I suspect he's also done this same routine with other people's businesses and web sites. Pathetic, but not surprising.

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Re: Trying to steal internet traffic (Copying web site names)
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2012, 08:58:00 AM »
What a rat.