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Pix Isaan
« on: January 08, 2014, 06:23:57 PM »
For all those interested in photography, I have created a Flickr account called Pix Isaan. Flickr is a medium for sharing photos, and the group (or 'pool' in Flickr-speak) is purely for fun.

If you have a camera, enjoy taking photos, and would like to share please join the group.

Korat isn't a particularly photogenic place, but it does lend itself to street photography. I am hoping we can find a core of keen photographers in Korat, and then see if it is possible to get a good tutor/ speaker to come up for a day to mentor and speak to us. If there is enough interest to form a loose club or association then even better!

I am not in Korat (as you can see from the photos in the Flickr pool) but I do visit very often, and have a keen interest in photography.