Author Topic: Busted Call Center in Bangkok Swindles 320 million THB from Foreigners  (Read 1804 times)

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Busted Call Center in Bangkok Swindles 320 million THB from Foreigners

An illegal call center in Bangkok that targeted European investors was raided by the Immigration Bureau Office. Officials arrested 15 foreigners, who may have swindled up to 8 million euros from investors. In another case, two Africans were arrested for a “Black Money” scam that fools victims into thinking paper dyed black is real money.

BANGKOK – July 6, 2012 [PDN]; At the Immigration Bureau Office, Pol. maj. Gen. PreechaThimamontree, commissioner of Investigation Division of Immigration Bureau Office, along with his investigation team, announced that they had arrested a European call center gang and seized evidence that included 16 telephones, computers, photocopiers, printers, and internet connection tools.

The raid took place in room 19/132, Sukhumvit Building, soi Sukhumvit 13, North Klongtoey subdistrict, Wattana district.

Investigating officer Pol. maj. Gen.Preecha Thimamontree said that the European call center gang deceived their foreign victims by claiming to be stockbrokers, and convinced people to take part in an investment of stocks.

Using the room as their base, they worked from 1 p.m. to midnight every day to match the time zones in Europe and the U.S.A. After the police had conducted enough observation, on July 5 they obtained a court warrant to search the room. Inside were a total of 15 foreigners, including 6 British, 3 Filipinos, 2 Americans, 2 Romanians, a German and a South African. Along with the evidence, police arrested the men and brought them in for questioning.

All the gang members confessed that they had called the victims and claimed that they were brokers or agents, and then convinced the victims to invest in stocks that would make a 95 percent profit. The gang also talked other victims into donating to Third-World countries.

When the victims got hooked, they would tell the victims to transfer money to a bank in Switzerland to make the scam seem more convincing. The money would later be transferred to Malaysia and then to Thailand. The gang got 25 percent of the swindled money. Most of the victims were Europeans, and the swindled money so far has totaled 8 million Euro dollars, equal to 320 million Thai Baht.

In another case, police arrested Mr. Davis A. Mac Line, 44, a Liberian; and Mr.Abobagar Kialo, 28, a Guinean, for being two convicts in a “Black money” gang. They were arrested with the evidence, a chemical bottle and a safe box, at a hotel in Seelom, and also at a pizza restaurant in Central World Phraram I Rd. Pathumwan subdistrict.

A “Black money” scam is an elaborate deception, where the criminal pretends a trunk full of banknote-sized paper dyed black is actually real money. But criminal claims the money was dyed black, or another color, to conceal it from customs or taxes. The victim keeps paying money for the expensive dye-removal or other costs, until the scammer disappears.

The two Africans also were found to have overstayed in the kingdom after permission had expired, and thus withdrew their right to stay in Thailand. The police plan to deport them and put their names in the blacklist file with the government.

Pattaya Daily News


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I don't suppose that this has any connection with that investment broker in Indonesia we knew about a while go.