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Offline Johnnie F.
« on: May 05, 2013, 06:31:35 PM »
One thing I'm very surprised to have found is this

Now why does a forum admin either buy clicks or participate in that silly "Alexa Boostup"? :uhm

Boost your website's Alexa ranking

Good Alexa ranking is a key indicator of a successful website or blog. As a rule of thumb, the better the Alexa ranking, the more business you'll get. Boost up your Alexa ranking by surfing websites with thousands of other Alexa Boostup users.

Funniest is that just the Alexa ranking data tell you clearly that they have been manipulated and how, simply by the CLICKSTREAM data, because that "" site has to be accessed by the "Autosurf Booster" again and again for reading on the rotator there which link to "click" next. So there is no other explanation than  that site having been used for manipulating the Alexa ranking and the forum's page views and visitor numbers. The indication of manipulation was boosted the same! ;D

Free Alexa Auto Rank Booster - Boost alexa ranking

        Boost up your website Alexa ranking for free by using free Alexa Booster.

        Alexa Boostup is compatible with Firefox Browser only.

        Here is how it works:
        User with a Firefox browser and Alexa Toolbar/Plugin signs up and verifies account on Alexa Boostup.
        User logs into Alexa Boostup menu and enters website to boost its rank and enables the website for rotation.
        User can start autosurf by clicking the autosurf link.
        User gets 0.5 surf points after each 40-60 seconds. No need to do anything, just minimize the window and see your Alexa Rank rocketing up.

        Just signup at if you want to increase your Alexa Ranking for Free.

        If you do not want to surf to earn surfing points, then you may purchase surfing points at very cheap rates from the user menu via Paypal.


Way to go, Alfie!   :evilgrin

Quite an interesting business idea: organize people helping each other to deceive, and turn a profit.

That site was on auction at and found a buyer for $1,500 two months ago.

Interesting is its description there:


Good Alexa ranking is a key indicator of a successful website or blog. As a rule of thumb, the better the Alexa ranking, the more business you'll get. is a unique service that offers a boost in Alexa Ranking. Here is how it works:

User wishing to improve website Alexa ranking signup and get 100 surfing points as a signup bonus. Users have Alexa toolbar/plugin and Firefox browser (which is a condition for signup).

User surf other websites to earn more points. For each point user get hit from other alexa toolbar surfer to their own website. Hence for each point user earn by surfing other website the user in return get a hit to website from other users.

Alexa ranking only counts the visitors who have alexa toolbar/plugin installed on the browser. Since each surfer has alexa toolbar/plugin installed, so all the websites rotating get a boost in Alexa Ranking.

The signup and surfing is free. User get 1 point for each website they surf.

The main earning source of this website is surfing point sales. Users who do not wish to surf to earn points, buy the points via Paypal.

You can signup and see the user menu for all other functionalities of the website.

This is not an ordinary autosurf website. In an autosurf website, the website opens in an iframe window, which is not counted as a hit by Alexa toolbar, hence the ranking does not increase using other autosurf website. In Alexaboostup surfing, the websites open in new tabs and close automatically after about 1 minute.

Within 1 week of surfing a major improvement in any website can be seen. Within 1 month, the ranking typically improves from 1 million + to below 150,000.

Typically 30 to 50 surfers are online at any time and has about 70 to 100 daily surfers.

The website comes with an admin panel to manage the users.

The website has an impressive 3 month Alexa ranking of less than 35,000. The website is about 4 months old. The ranking is getting better with time as more and more users are using this service. Its 1 week ranking is about 10,000.

The website is on a shared host and the hosting expenditure is next to nothing.

The website has a great potential as it provides a unique cheap service. As the users grow, the number of users wishing to buy points instead of surfing will also grow. This not only increases Alexa ranking but it is also a great marketing strategy for new websites.

Total verified members are about 750 and each day 5-10 new signups.

Looks like it works in finding people stupid enough to expose themselves as deceivers. Alfie showed us!  :evilgrin

Now I wonder whether at they haven't heard about this interfering business, or cannot simply render it useless by adding a check to their algorithm, not to count those visitors being referred from and immediately returning there for the next link to "click" - or did they do that already, now enjoying the deceivers exposing themselves via the CLICKSTREAM reading? ;D

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Offline Johnnie F.

How to tell a site having a "boosted" Alexa Rank
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2013, 03:13:44 PM »
There are various indicators in the Alexa data telling you about a site's, especially a forum's, data having been manipulated with Alexaboostup.

First and most obvious are the CLICKSTREAM data, that indicate which sites have been accessed before and after the site in question. Sites accessed directly before are often the referrers. Sites accessed after are often sites referred to. In the case of an autosurfer they are usually accessed to get the next link to "click" from a defined location. It depends on the ratio to other sites. Normally sites accessed before and after established forums with good content are Google, Youtube, Wikipedia, and sometimes other topically or locally related sites. Sites totally unrelated are hardly accessed in a high ratio to those. Only those known for their "involvement for a purpose", though I'm still wondering what purpose could be served by manipulating the Alexa rank and getting exposed...;D

Increases in Traffic Rank, Reach and Page Views can have other reasons like recommendations on other sites or improved positions on the search engines. So, these don't "sting" into your eyes as sign of manipulation. A very low Pageviews/User Ratio on the other hand I would count as nearly safe indicator for manipulation with an organized autosurfer system like Alexaboostup, as the autosurfer accesses a site, remains there for about a minute and leaves without further click. Their "contribution" to the averaged Alexa data is 1 visitor, 1 page view, up to 1 minute Time on Site and a Bounce, i. e. left without further click.

A high bounce ratio is in my opinion a safe indicator for a forum's Alexa rank manipulation, as most people do look at more than one page when opening a forum. A low time on site indicates likewise. So far at this point my evaluation of "boosting up" the Alexa rank.

My reference to and article from two weeks ago about Alexaboostup could have tempted some of our readers to try that application themselves, as now clickstreams of many Korat sites do show. This one here included, it gained a clickstream of 2.26% from, and 4.76% to That's a little more than I would expect regular readers clicking the two links in articles on this forum, but maybe search engines directed visitors to this thread. And the lower clickstream coming from could be caused by people continuing to read the forum after their visit at that site. It's hard to say whether this site here was put up for "boosting" by some joker. There are no other indications.

Looks like we gotta live from now on with the uncertainty of skewed Alexa ranks of our Korat sites until those players have calmed down, until they finished "testing" and playing. :)

"Brute boosting" doesn't achieve much, I think. It only gets readers into asking whether there are any real visitors at all, when more than 40% are obviously "autosurfed", when even more than 3 of 4 bounce, i.e. leave again without any further click. And then the rank still hasn't increased much, if at all... ;)

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Offline Baby Farts

« Reply #2 on: May 14, 2013, 10:08:32 AM »
Alfie at it again. ::)

Offline Johnnie F.

« Reply #3 on: May 14, 2013, 10:17:45 AM »
Alfie at it again. ::)

In his defense I have to say that without data from alexaboostup itself, from which account there the sites get "supplied" with clicks it is not possible to say who "is at it again", could be anybody just trying to make it look like somebody, who has interest in doing so, actually did. It's summer, and people got little to do, so they're playing games behind the keyboard again. All that can be concluded from the Alexa data is that sites did get "boosted up", and to what degree. Who it could be playing there, is for everybody himself to conclude. I can't see facts as to who pointing in any direction.
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Offline Johnnie F.

« Reply #4 on: May 15, 2013, 08:51:56 AM »
Oh, and a little advice to those playing with the application to "support" their favorite forum by boosting up it's Alexa rank: Do make sure you got an effective firewall active on your computer, as I can imagine those friendly creatures, "distributing" malware and viruses over their websites, will be happy to put their websites up for autosurfing over as well, for everybody to get his well-deserved share of their malware and viruses. :-[
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