Author Topic: About the necessity for Korat's own social media for expats, the forums  (Read 771 times)

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Until five and a half years ago we didn't have any social media specifically for expats in Korat. There was the Isaan Forum on ThaiVisa only. Somebody posted there his idea to form a Korat Expats Club. From that discussion the first forum originated: All the other forums that followed were created out of some form of dissent for what was going on there. Somebody was banned and opened his own forum, another was just criticized and opened his own forum etc. So now we do have quite a few Korat forums, some with very distinct features, others just operated by another person. Some are used merely as chat rooms, others serve as collection of personal blogs etc.

The survival of a forum in my opinion depends upon its uniqueness of content. Some forums start off as one and end up as another.

What is it that makes a forum needed, thrive and survive in Korat?