Author Topic: Restaurants and their "Signature" dishes.  (Read 1803 times)

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Restaurants and their "Signature" dishes.
« on: April 06, 2017, 05:33:07 PM »
I'd hate to be in the restaurant business in Korat, but as a frequent restaurant goer, I've noticed some restaurants that claim signature dishes on their menus, along with verbiage like, "home recipe, home cooked, etc."  Nothing can be further from the truth in some cases.  Serving precooked food purchased at Makro and other restaurant venues, and reheating it to serve as a "signature" dish with "secret recipes" just doesn't cut it for me.  I understand restaurant owners need to serve acceptable food in a timely manner and turn a profit, but to me, it would be better to leave out all the B.S verbiage and just list the dish. And why serve a dish that was cooked by a different restaurant, buy it, then turn around and serve it as your own?  Typically s scoop of canned corn and instant mash potatoes is thrown on the plate and it's good to go! Then tell your customers the dish is one of your hottest sellers, never mentioning where the main portion actually came from, but lead them to believe it was your own "special, home cooked" recipe. Amazing. Here's another one I hear from time to time.  "It's my own special, SECRET, recipe."  Yeah right.  The same "special, secret" recipe that every other restaurant got off of youtube or etc, and uses.

Another reason I bring this up is because some time ago, I went to The Mall to purchase a certain barbecue sauce.  I almost always hand make my own, but on some occasions when I'm in a rush or too lazy to cook, I'll use the bottled stuff.  I had been at the Mall a few days before and saw the sauce on the shelf (around 20+ bottles).  Well, on this day (3 days later) there were none.  I thought the product was discontinued, but upon asking one of the clerks, I was informed, "Farang guy come and buy all."  Now who buys 20+ bottles of barbecue sauce?  On another occasion I went to Makro to pick up some taco shells.  Same story over there.  None on the shelf and the clerk tells me the same thing, "Farang man come in and buy all stock."

Most farangs can tell when they are served reheated, precooked, farang food in a heartbeat.  Most Thais cannot, which is why most Thais cannot distinguish between a good steak and a bad one or authentic farang food from the local rubbish, but they will tell how crappy Thai food is and I know many Thais who have stated this clearly to me about certain restaurants that serve a "variety" of food.  This was also evident with the farang food from comments I received from the Cobra Gold and Cope Tiger folks who dined at a restaurant that serves a variety of Thai and Farang food. My reply, was, "If you want the real deal, you have to cook it yourself."  This is one downside of living in Korat, at least for me.  I miss the great food you can get in Bangkok.  I'd love to see a Middle Eastern restaurant open here.  Yes, I miss the Lebanese place.  I was hoping Terminal 21 would come through, but as I see it, they've dropped the ball big time.  Oh well.  I can hardly wait until my next trip to Bangkok!  One of my favorites.