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New Tenants for Bule Saloon
« on: July 07, 2011, 10:25:27 AM »
From another web site / forum:

"Unlike you read on KF, the "owner(s)" of Bule Saloon will not change.
The owner is a Thai lady, same as for "wood house" beside.

People are "renting this location" and not buying it. It's been the same owners for many many years, but different people were 'managing or renting' this place.

In December, it is expected to have new people leasing this place.
One is Thai-American. The two others are foreigners from Scandinavian countries.
Because I know them, I am pretty sure it will look very nice.
The name might change but do expect live music and great food. "

Is this guy who claims to be an expert in the legal field serious?  Is he psychic?  How is it that he's able to predict the future of Korat venues considering he's only been here a few years? I love the sentence, "Because I know them, I am pretty sure it will look nice."  LOL.  Is it possible he's going over the floor plans with these new owners?  How is he able to predict the "great food" when the place hasn't changed hands yet?  I can think of several places in Korat that offer "great food" and they don't have to advertise on a crappy and painful to read web site in order to get promoted.

Bule Saloon has been dead for years now...many people have said that since John left, the place has never been the same, but don't expect our local legal expert to know this because he was still in China at the time.  Perhaps, he should change his profession to Korat paparazzi.  FFS I've never seen anything like this in my life.  He should apply for a job with TMZ.

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Re: New Tenants for Bule Saloon
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2011, 10:36:09 AM »
Can imagine these new tenants will be exposed to a lot of nagging for having received this "promotion" beforehand. ;)

I hope they do not change their minds now and do not withdraw from the project. ;D
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Re: New Tenants for Bule Saloon
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2011, 11:07:27 AM »
I'm happy the place is going to be renovated etc, but they need to seriously think about who is doing their advertising campaign.  Bule Saloon was one of the first places I went into eleven years ago.  It's got a unique ambiance to it.  John was the lead guitarist there and one of the best I've ever seen.  I wish the new owners the best of luck and look forward to seeing the new changes.