Author Topic: Coffee Pitini / Krua Khun Pon, New bakery, fantastic bread and sandwiches!  (Read 1139 times)

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Paul has yet taken his already successful restaurant and upped it another notch with the addition of his new bakery.  I can't even begin to list all the wonderful baked goods he has, but one stands out a winner!  The fresh made Rye Bread.  This bread is by far the best Rye bread I've ever tasted.  Coming soon in the near future Paul will be offering a Rueben Sandwich.  I've tried this sandwich already and I can say it is outstanding, just like all the other foods and drinks offered there.  Please keep in mind "Coming soon."  Paul is still sorting out the details to make sure everything is in order before it goes live.  In the meantime I highly recommend any food he sells, especially the new Mexican food.  Fajitas are awesome!  There is also a new cake I tried that was simply delicious.  I think it's called Chocolate Peanut butter?  Something along those lines.  Check out the home made cheese cakes which are certain to put a smile on the Mrs face. 

Update website (really nice)

Reuben Sandwich.

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Good to know and by no means a surprise as this restaurant has been my favoirite in for a long time.
 Cheers BF.