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Chicken Man in front of Toffee
« on: May 23, 2013, 07:00:58 PM »
Just outside of Toffee on Mokhamuntri road is this guy who sells roasted chicken, "Gai moon ha (5) lao."  The chickens are stuck up the as.s to the neck with this rotisserie thing that looks like a gigantic spear and rotated over a hot fire along side the busy road where traffic and dirt are kicking up every where (usually about 10 on a spear).  I thought I'd buy one for my Thai Ridgeback dog.  No way would I ever eat this crap. 

Here's how this conversation went (translated to English with some Thai):

Can I have one Chicken to take home please? 

Shhua (sure)
Where do you come from? (Not where are you from)

I come from the land of Saharat (America)

I have friend America, he live California

Really?  I am from California!  (I'm not, but what hell...thought I'd have some fun)

Where in California you come from?

L.A (Meaning Los Angeles)

Huh? You from Roiet? How can? You are farang. (LA to Thais is slang for Roiet in Isaan)

No, no, no.  Los Angeles.

Oh okay. I'm thinking you mean Roiet (we were just discussing California in America and his mind is on Roiet)  ::)

Sorry about that.

Gai aroi mai? (asking me if his chicken is delicious).

I don't know, it's for my dog, not me.


I guess I offended him.  This guy was really pissed off when I said that.