Author Topic: Villagers seek help after their only route to the village is blocked (Pak Chong)  (Read 505 times)

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Villagers seek help from Justice Ministry after their only route to the village is blocked

About 30 residents of a village in Pak Chong district of Nakhon Ratchasima lodged a petition to the Justice Ministry on Monday seeking a reprieve from the blockade of their only route to their village through a farm.

Mr Samarn Khienkhokkuad, the leader of the villagers, said that they had been using the route to get to Ban Hin Ploeng village in Tambon Khanong Phra since their forefathers until about 4-5 months ago when the owner of the farm blocked the route and put up a sign allowing the villagers to use the route during 7 am-1 pm.

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