Author Topic: Japanese tourist seriously injured after Korat hotel fall  (Read 798 times)

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Japanese tourist seriously injured after hotel fall

 A Japanese tourist was seriously injured after jumping from the fifth floor of a hotel in this northeastern city early on Sunday, police said.

Pol Lt Col Adisak Srisangsuwan, a duty investigator of Muang district police, said the incident occurred at about 1.30am at Romyen Hotel on Chomsurangkhayat Road.

The manager of the hotel told police investigators that late in the night he heard Japanese men talking loudly from a room on the fifth floor. After the talk went silent, he heard a noise of something falling down.

He went outside the building and saw a man had jumped from the fifth floor and fell on the awning of the second floor.

He was moved to the ground floor by rescuers from a charity foundation for first-aid treatment before being taken to Maharaj Hospital.

He suffered a broken left arm and a dislocated neck. He was reported to be safe but still unable to speak.

Before the incident, He went to the hotel to see a friend who was staying there.

Police were investigating his friend to find the cause of the incident. The injured man will be questioned later when he is able to speak.

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