Author Topic: Thailand Mulls THB30 Billion Public-Private Partnership Road Project  (Read 1489 times)

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Thailand Mulls THB30 Billion Public-Private Partnership Road Project

BANGKOK -(Dow Jones)- Thailand's Ministry of Transport is considering a plan to develop a THB30 billion ($898 million) motorway project to open a new transportation channel between central Thailand and the Northeastern region.
The 196-kilometer road project, from Bang Pa In to the Northeastern province of Nakhon Ratchasima, will be implemented under a public-private partnership scheme, Transport Minister Sophon Zaram told reporters.

The most probable scenario is to let the private sector invest in the project while the state will use future toll fee revenues to gradually pay back to private investors, Permanent Secretary for transport Suphoth Sublom said.

"The new motorway will shorten transportation time, ease traffic congestion and generate economic value for the overall logistics sector," Sophon said.

The ministry plans to conclude details of the investment scheme and propose to the Cabinet for consideration in December and start the auction process in January next year, said Suphoth.

The construction is expected to commence in 2011 and take around three years to complete, he said.

-By Phisanu Phromchanya, Dow Jones Newswires; 662-266-0744;


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Re: Thailand Mulls THB30 Billion Public-Private Partnership Road Project
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Korations know the present route well. I wish them luck around the cement works.

If we ever see this project even start, I have a collection of tea spoons to sell to the contractors who make sure that the surface is smoothed properly. I also have a micrometer that they can use to check the thickness of the tarmac. I can also lend them draughtsmen's compasses for radiusing the bends. Making sure that brows on a fast road are near blind I'll leave to the contractor.

Isn't this road plan connected with the ASEAN stuff or is that one intended to connect Bangkok with the wealthier parts of Cambodia?