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scammer cheats 8 in Korat
« on: January 07, 2018, 01:23:26 PM »
'Jobs in S.Korea' Facebook scammer cheats 8 in Korat

Labour officials in this northeastern province have launched an investigation after receiving a complaint from eight people in Chum Phuang district that they had fallen victim to a job scammer.

They said they were cheated out of about 140,000 baht in total by a person who offered job placements in South Korea via Facebook.

Nithi-orn Boonuyanusit led a team of officials from the provincial employment office to interview the eight people at a house in Chum Phuang district on Sunday morning.

Boonlert Artdee, 36, one of the job seekers, told the officials that in December 2017 she saw a Facebook page created under the name of "Kongphop Pongkhamla". The man claimed to be able to secure jobs in the farm sector in South Korea.

Mrs Boonlert started a Facebook chat with the man, who told her that she and anyone else interested should apply for a passport and send it to him, along with 17,000 baht each for an air ticket and 'management fee'.

She and five relatives each transferred 17,000 baht to an account at Siam Commercial Bank, Ramkhamhaeng branch, opened by Kongphop Pongkhamla.

Later two other people from Khon Kaen province followed suit, this time sending 20,000 baht each into the account.

They were told by the man that they were to leave for South Korea on Dec 15, 2017. But shortly before that day, the man deleted his Facebook page and disappeared, Mrs Boonlert said.

Mrs Nithi-orn, the employment office official, said job scams have been rampant in social media.

She said job seekers should check for more information with provincial offices of the Employment Department to avoid being deceived.
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Re: scammer cheats 8 in Korat
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Sad to hear of these stories where people are only trying to improve their lot and fall victim to scammers.  This is an interesting article from the Guardian, worth taking the time to read.
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Re: scammer cheats 8 in Korat
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Yes it is sad, these people want to work and even pay money, in their hearts they believe there is light at the end of tunnel to take care of their families back home, flog these scammers. my wife's sister asked to borrow 60,000 bht. in 2007, for her husband to work abroad, when i looked into it their return they was promised was about 100,000 a week. of course they got a pittance for their labour she found out when they returned home, she still thanks me today for saying it is a con.

bye the way did you know it is an offence for a farang to lend borrow thai people money. ;D
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Man held for cheating job-seekers online

A young man is in custody after job-seekers were duped into paying brokerage fees online in exchange for well-paid jobs as fruit pickers in South Korea.

Ten people in Nakhon Ratchasima, Khon Kaen and Chaiyaphum paid brokerage fees totalling 212,000 baht in hopes of obtaining the jobs, which never materialised, said Pol Lt Gen Damrongsak Kittiprapat, commander of Provincial Police Region 3.

Police said that Kongphop Pongkamla, 20, of Hua Hin, had used a Facebook page to lure his victims. After the payments were made, he vanished, they said.

The suspect was caught at a relative’s house in Bangkok and later taken to Nakhon Ratchasima, where a warrant had been approved for his arrest.

Senior police officers and labour officials met with some of the victims on Saturday and explained the legal proceedings they intended to carry out.
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