Author Topic: Public support pours in for Korat poor family having child with heart defect  (Read 676 times)

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We moan about this, we moan about that, we even moan the weather is too hot, BUT ... stop moaning for a minute and have a look around you, how other peoples ailments are. it's nice to see other peoples sentiments and support for this poor family with a one-year-old son in Nakhon Ratchasima with a heart defect.

Public support pours for poor family having child with heart defect

The local district chief and community leaders of a Tambon in Nakhon Ratchasima on Thursday visited a poor family with a one-year-old son having a heart defect to provide help.

Khon Buri district chief Suraphan Silapasuwan along with district Red Cross officials and community leaders in Tambon Khok Kachai visited Duangrat Aebking, 33, at a house in Moo 6 village.

Duangrat’s son, who is one year and seven months old, was born with a heart defect. Doctors said the toddler has only two chambers in the heart and he needs to use an oxygen tank regularly.

The district chief and community leaders provided the family with some dried foods and also donated money.

The mother said she earlier had to take her child to the district hospital to use the respiratory system there. Later, the hospital organised a donation to buy an oxygen system for her so that she didn’t have to travel to the hospital with her child. She said his health improved after that.

The mother thanked the public for their support, saying without it her family would be in deep trouble as the child’s father was the lone provider for the family and he worked as a truck driver.

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