Author Topic: Korat Students demand teacher's ouster for drinking, violence  (Read 1384 times)

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Students demand teacher's ouster for drinking, violence

 Students and teachers from Nakhon Ratchasima Polytechnic College gathered in protest on Monday morning demanding the dismissal of a senior teacher accused of misconduct and violence on the job.

About 200 students and their teachers gathered outside the provincial hall in Muang district with placards calling for the ouster of head of the automotive mechanics faculty at Nakhon Ratchasima Polytechnic College.

The protestors wanted him removed within 24 hours, saying was not suitable for the position, after a series of complaints were lodged against him, alleging drunkenness, smoking and physical abuse.

It was alleged he had physically abused another teacher in front of students and failed to teach his own course.

Teacher Pramool Taengkratok 27, a member of the automotive mechanics faculty, told reporters of an incident where a group of students were late for morning classes. He allegedly called Mr Pramool out in front of the students and beat him on the buttocks with a cane, although he had not done anything wrong.

Students had informed the director of the school about the abusive behaviour towards the school community but no serious action was taken, which led to Monday's protest being arranged.

The college director, Winich Somchati, arrived and informed the protesting students and teachers that he had now been suspended from all teaching duty and a proper investigation would be set up to into his conduct.

When asked whether he would be fired, Mr Winich said it was not his decision to make. The investigation must be completed this week and submitted to provincial governor Vichien Chantaranochai, who is also president of the Nakhon Ratchasima Provincial Education Office.

later said he had punished Mr Pramool because he had failed to prevent students under his supervision from arriving late in the morning. He denied the allegations of misconduct and said he had a personal conflict with another teacher who might be encouraging students to raise accusations against him.
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