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Eight heads of cattle killed by a lightning strike in a rice field

 A herd of cattle were killed by a lightning strike in the middle of a dry rice field in Bua Yai district of Nakhon Ratchasima on Sunday.

Eight heads of cattle were found lying dead under a tamarind tree in the rice field.

Mrs Sangwien Chuangklang who owned five of the eight dead cows said she usually took her cattle for grazing in the rice field. However, as the animals were grazing in the field, rain started to fall and the wind was strong, so she led the cattle to take cover under the big tamarind tree where three other heads of cattle of a neighbor were also taking cover.

Mrs Sangwien said that while she was heading for home for a rest, she heard a thunderous noise of what was believed to be a lightning strike somewhere. When rain stopped she returned to the rice field only to find all her five heads of cattle dead under the tamarind tree, presumably by a lightning strike.

Her neighbour’s three other cattle heads were also found dead.
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