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Court stays building of Korat tap-water system
« on: October 21, 2009, 08:29:32 AM »

Court stays building of Bt3m system

Eco-groups at battle with local municipality over tap-water project

The Supreme Administrative Court has approved an injunction calling for a temporary halt in construction of a Bt3.154 billion tap-water system in Nakhon Ratchasima while a court rules on a dispute between local environmental groups and state agencies.

Lam Sae conservation group leader Theerapol Rattanaprayoon said yesterday his 91-strong group had sued the Muang Nakhon Ratchasima Municipality and the Royal Irrigation Department over the municipality's project to build a tap-water system drawing water from Lam Sae Dam in Khon Buri district.

The project to solve a water shortage is about 70 per cent completed.

Conservationists claim major details had not undergone public hearing and the project would affect farmers needing water from the Lam Sae Dam.

Theerapol said that the Supreme Administrative Court on October 15 took up the case and approved the temporary injunction to halt construction, pending a court ruling or other court orders, leaving the municipality 30 days to object.

He said the court had also asked the Royal Irrigation Department for details of the amount of water in the dam.

Documents reveal the Public Works Division had asked to use 30-40 million cubic metres from the Lam Sae Dam per year for the tap-water project.

The Royal Irrigation Department replied this would affect farmers in Khon Buri, Chok Chai and Pak Thongchai districts who would be unable to grow crops because of drought and water shortage.

Municipality executives could not be reached for comment as they are on a fieldtrip abroad, a source reported. Construction at Ban Mai Nong Bon and pipe-laying in the municipality area was going ahead last night.

Project manager Sayan Nupan said he had not heard about the temporary injunction and would try to contact company executives.

According to Sayan, the project is scheduled from September 18, 2007 until November 1, 2010, and is being carried out by SA Joint Venture with advice and construction supervision by Thai MM. With one-third of the project to be completed, it is now worth nearly Bt2.6 billion.

the Nation Oct 20, 2009
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Re: Court stays building of Korat tap-water system
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According to the Beeb this morning, the BKK Courts have stopped more than 70 of the PM's plans for creating jobs - on environmental grounds. So, people in Isaan can stay poor but have clean air - at least if they stop burning plastic bags.

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Re: Court stays building of Korat tap-water system
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New Mayor's Problem Stems From Former Mayor's Decision

Korat private citizens astonished at shortage of water that impacts business and investment, after the Administrative court suspends construction of a scandalous three billion Baht water supply project. Story by ASTV, Manager Online 23 October 2009. Korat Chamber of Commerce opens up platform to air opinions in finding a solution to the Administrative Court’s 23 October temporary suspension of construction of the Nakhonratchasima scandalous three billion Baht [$US 88 million] municipal water supply project.

The Nakhonratchasima news center and its private groups are astonished at the shortage of water, which seriously impacts business and investment, and the Administrative Court’s decision to temporarily suspend construction of the Yaeng Ching Nam municipal water project, costing a scandalous three billion Baht. Chamber hastens to open platform to allow Korat municipality and affected agencies to clarify the truth and find a joint solution. Deputy mayor clarifies respect for the court decision but prepares to file an appeal in thirty days. He reiterated confidence that within 3-5 years Korat city would have sufficient water supply. As for the governor, he is preparing to set up a committee to jointly solve the problem between the people of Korat objecting to the project and the municipality.
Today, 23 October 2009, media reported that in the Chamber of Commerce’s meeting room 4 in Korat, there was a panel presentation to reveal the facts and permit expression of opinion to find a joint way out related to construction of the municipality water project, to solve shortages in water for consumption and use by the Nakhonratchasima municipality. The raw water supply will come from Lam Chae dam at Khonburi. The Administrative Court temporarily suspended construction of the three billion Baht project after a group of ninety one persons representing “We Love Lam Chae” submitted a petition to the Administrative Court and there was a court order suspending the project issued on this last 15 October.
Those attending the discussions included representatives from affected agencies, such as Mrs. Subhonge Wongwittayaporn, president of the Korat Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Phonglert Suphatrawanich, deputy mayor of Korat municipality, Mr. Cherdchai Chokerattahachai, former mayor of Korat – in the capacity of being the person who originally approved the project to proceed, representatives of a housing subdivision company, representatives of hotel tourism businesses, from hospitals the Federation of Thai Industries and merchants operating businesses in the city of Korat.
Mr. Phonglert, desputy mayor, responsible for the city’s municipal water supply, disclosed that on this past 15 October, the Administrative Court of Nakhonratchasima ordered the Municipality to temporarily suspend construction of the project, intended to solve water supply shortages, until such time as the court adjudicates or issues other orders.
As for the said construction project, the contractor, Sinothai Engineering and Construction, Aquathai Company Ltd. have already completed 67% of the project and received two billion Baht from the project. After the court ordered suspension the contractors put a complete halt to construction.
Deputy mayor Phonglert stated, “I confirm that the proceedings for the project [award] were transparent and you can check this, and were according to rules and regulations. I affirm that this project is most necessary, because Korat has continued to expand and has to date depended on a single source for supply, Lam Takhong.

The Koratpost Oct. 23, 2009

Isn't that why sometimes another guy gets elected - so he can redo what the guy before him screwed up?
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