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Bangkok Hospital plans dual facility in Khao Yai
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Bangkok Hospital plans dual facility in Khao Yai

Bangkok Hospital Medical Centre is planning its next major investment, at Khao Yai in Nakhon Ratchasima province, where it will build a hospital and rehabilitation centre in the near future.

It has also recently collaborated with Thaicredit Retail Bank to provide loans for clients of Bangkok Hospital, Bangkok Eastern Hospital Group and Samitivej Hospitals.

The collaboration is expected to assist patients that have to be treated for complex diseases, and the hospitals will not lose those clients because of the higher treatment costs involved.

CEO Chatree Duangnet yesterday said Bangkok Hospital had purchased land on Mitraphab Road  - the route to Khao Yai National Park - adjacent to the Outlet Village. The company's board will consider the appropriate time for construction to begin.

He said the medical centre at the new location would comprise a mediumsized hospital and a rehabilitation centre of a similar size to its facility in Hua Hin.

The investment cost may be slightly lower than that in Hua Hin, as the land is cheaper.

 " Bangkok Hospital is focusing on building Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin, which is scheduled to open by the end of this year. The next major investment is in Khao Yai. I can't give the timing for the start of the project, as the major factor for consideration is the number of medical staff. We may begin the project after the [Hua Hin] hospital opens at the end of the year," Chatree said.

Bangkok Hospital is spending about Bt700 million to build a 60bed hospital in Hua Hin. The land cost Bt160 million, while construction and medical equipment costs are Bt420 million and Bt120 million, respectively.

It will open the first phase in November, while full operation will commence in the middle of next year.

Chatree said Bangkok Hospital had collaborated with Thaicredit Retail Bank to provide loans for clients with complicated diseases that have to be treated immediately and who may not otherwise be able to meet the high treatment costs at the time.

Bangkok Hospital at Soi Soonvijai, Bangkok Eastern Hospital Group and three Samitivej Hospital locations - Sukhumvit, Srinakarin and Sri Racha - will take part, while other Bangkok Hospitals upcountry will follow later.

He added that this was the first time a private hospital and a bank had introduced loans for medical treatment. At present, 25 patients have borrowed from Thaicredit Retail Bank for medical purposes under the scheme.

"The benefit for our patients is that they can make a decision promptly to get treatment if they are found to have complicated diseases. They will no longer need to be concerned about the money.

"For instance, two patients out of 10 will [normally] decide to choose other hospitals that can provide lower treatment costs. So, if they do not have to worry about the money, it means we will not lose the opportunity to treat them as well," he said

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