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Watch out for the Ebola email
« on: October 25, 2014, 02:10:59 PM »
Watch out for the Ebola email that could give your PC a nasty virus

Malware warning over emails that are supposedly from the World Health Organisation

Here’s an ironic thing – an email about a human virus that will give your PC a nasty infection if you click on its link.

To be more specific, it’s an email that is supposedly from the World Health Organisation and filled with Ebola information and prevention tips.

The sad truth is that clicking on links within it could lead to malware being installed on your blessed computer.
That could lead to online baddies gaining access to your passwords, logging your key presses or even taking total control of your PC from their secret hideaway.

Not as serious as an actual bout of Ebola itself but pretty nasty all the same.
Warnings about the dodgy emails came from online security firm Trustwave SpiderLabs yesterday.
One email said: “The information and prevention listed in the attached file will help you and those around you stay safe.

“There is an outbreak of Ebola and other diseases around that you know nothing about. Download the World Health Organization file for more information on how to stay safe from Ebola and other preventable diseases. We care.”

Of course, the truth is that they don’t care – the senders of the email just want to worm their way into your computer and wreak havoc.

The good news is that SpiderLabs don’t believe it to be a widespread campaign… yet.
But it’s a timely reminder that we should always be suspicious of emails unless they’re from completely trusted sources, and that it pays to keep our security software bang up to date, so that we don’t end up with a dose of malware.

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