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IPTV company expects to have a million subscribers in first year of operations

In the near future, Thais will be able to watch their favourite television channels via Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), thanks to the new IP TV channel VooZ IPTV, which will be launched on March13.

Virat Ovararint, president and CEO of VFM Voiceplus, said the company had invested about Bt400 million last year and spent two years in research and development on the new IPTV application platform so that it could broadcast TV channels or VooZ IPTV to TV viewers. VooZ IPTV is targeted at becoming the centre of home entertainment, bringing TV channels to your home via Internet high speed at 2Mbps, to support the lifestyle of people in the digital era.

Vooz IPTV will allow viewers to watch digital TV via a set-top box, from all telecommunication operators so home users can have wireless or local area network access from their home.

As a first step, the firm will provide TV channels in six categories - home cinema, news, karaoke, knowledge and education as well as Live TV.

For home cinema, the firm will allow viewers to rent video on demand via IPTV, for which the service fee will start at Bt10- Bt30 per title. They can pay the service fee charge via the website, dealers or prepaid top-up cards from counter services. It will also provide 10 video and movie titles per week free of charge. It currently has stocked about 1,500 video titles.

"I think that VooZ IPTV will enable you to have fun, enjoy and access new lifestyle in digital innovation. Viewers will be able to enjoy TV channels at every step - at home or outside - as they can access VooZ IPTV via their smart phones and tablets, which are based on iPhone and Android environments," said Virat.

He said in the first stage, the firm will provide more than 200 TV channels such as talk shows, news as well as entertainment. TV viewers will also have the opportunity to create their personal channels or favourite channels.

TV viewers will be able to experience two-way interactive communication at the next step.

The company now has more than 200 business partners, both local and international partners, such as Nation Group, Korean company and Rangsit University.

The firm expects to distribute about 1 million set-top boxes, or have 1 million subscribers, and gain revenue of almost Bt1 billion by the end of this year. It aims to reach 5 million subscribers in the next three years.
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