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True Visions to be blacked out late Sunday night
« on: July 12, 2012, 04:20:12 PM »
True Visions subscription TVs will be blacked out from late Sunday night to Monday morning when the largest subscription TV operator will make a major upgrade to its clients' receivers, it has announced.

True Visions announced in a press release that its customers of both satellite-based and fibre optics cable-based systems will not be able to watch True Visions TV from 11pm Sunday to 9am Monday.

During the 10-hour period, True Visions will beam data to upgrade the HD Plus receivers of its customers to rearrange channels to accommodate 17 more High Definition channels.

True Visions said the upgrade would also use a new encryption software to prevent unauthorised receivers from watching True Visions programmes.

To allow its customers to monitor Golf PGA and Tennis WTA during the upgrading period, True Visions will allow its customers to watch the live sports broadcast on its Facebook at

True Visions urged its customers to check its July programme guide for the times of reruns of sports programmes that they will be unable to watch during the software upgrading time.

As part of the upgrade, True Visions will broadcast its channels for Silver, Gold and Platinum packages in MPEG4 video encoding technology instead of MPEG2.

Since older versions of receivers cannot decode MPEG4 movies, True Visions has been changing receivers for its customers to HD Plus receives since October. Customers who are still using older versions of receivers are urged to contact customer service immediately
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